May 11

Plan an Anniversary Date Night In Kansas City

Is your anniversary coming up?  Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, you want to have a great time celebrating your love and your marriage.  There are a number of different things you can do in Kansas City on your anniversary, and here are just a few ideas for the perfect evening.

Recreate your first date.  If you had your first date in Kansas City, why not do your best to recreate it?  Go back to the same restaurant or repeat the same events.  If you went to a concert, try to find another great concert to attend.  If the restaurant you went to is no longer in business, try to find a similar one.  It may not be possible to completely recreate the event, but you can get close.

Alternatively, plan your anniversary date as a stay-at-home event.  Order out, though, so you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen.  Once you’ve got your food delivered, you can have a picnic on the living room floor complete with wine or champagne, appetizers, dinner, and a great dessert.  A romantic, candle-lit dinner on the patio or balcony is also a great idea.

Another idea is to take an evening stroll through one of Kansas City’s parks or downtown areas.  Just walking together talking can be a great way to reconnect and reaffirm your relationship.  Just ambling through a park with no particular destination or direction can be very romantic, especially if you stop to kiss under the stars.

Of course, you’ve got to pay attention to details, no matter what you plan on your anniversary.  Be sure to have a chilled bottle of wine or champagne on hand, have some chocolates or dessert to enjoy after the date, and don’t forget the flowers.  Anniversary flowers are the perfect way to start off your date!

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