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Little Ways to Save the Environment

World Environment Day is June 5th

World Environment Day is June 5th

With World Environment Day coming up (the 5th of June), many people are talking about ways of saving the environment.  But while some of these ways are one-time things or big events and will make an impact, they won’t be the thing that truly saves the environment.  The things that really make a difference are the little changes we make.  These little changes slowly add up over time, especially if we commit to them and keep doing them.

One popular change many people have made lately is to use cloth shopping bags.  By cutting down on plastic and paper bags, we can save a lot.  Most of these bags are just thrown away instead of recycled.  If you do still use plastic bags, be sure to recycle them.  Many stores now have collection bins at the front for old bags.  Most stores also sell cloth bags for a low price.

Buy a water filter or filter pitcher instead of buying bottled water.  These filters may seem expensive, but when you add up how much you spend in bottled water each month, you’ll find that you actually save money.  If you miss your bottles, just save some and refill them with filtered water.  If you do still buy bottles, be sure to recycle them.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room and unplug chargers and other devices when not using them.  It’s such a little thing, but the amount of electricity you save does add up.  You’ll see this reflected on your electric bill.

Save water by taking shorter showers.  Even though it can be really nice to take a long, luxurious hot shower, it does use up a lot of water.  Shorter showers mean more time in the morning plus a lower water bill.

Use public transportation or walk/ride your bike to work.  With gas prices getting higher and higher every day, this will also have a huge impact on your wallet.  If you do need your car and have the means, you might even look into buying a hybrid. 

Spread the word.  It’s great if you do these activities, but to truly change the world, everyone needs to participate.  Set your Facebook status to something about World Environment Day to remind others.  Twitter about it.  Tell them what you’re doing to reuse and recycle.  In fact, this may even be more important than everything else on this list.  Your small changes will have an impact, but if you can get your whole community involved, imagine the changes!

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