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Little Ways to Keep a Friendship Alive

Having friends is a great thing.  They help us lighten up, get away from stress, and enjoy our lives.  But the saying “you don’t get something for nothing” does apply to friendships.  The problem is that it can be hard to keep friendships alive in today’s incredibly busy world.  We’re constantly picking up huge work assignments, driving the kids to activities, and, in what little spare time we have, doing all those little tasks that must be done (grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning house, etc.).  Fortunately, there are a lot of little ways to keep a friendship alive during those times when neither of you can find time to get together.

Email is a great way of keeping in contact with friends when you’re both incredibly busy.  Whenever you have a few moments to spare, write a quick note to your friend.  He or she can respond when he/she has time, so there’s no pressure like there is with a phone call.

Facebook and other social network sites are also a great new way of keeping in touch with friends.  In fact, they’re designed so you can find friends you’ve lost touch with, too!  With these sites, you can resurrect old friendships and keep current ones alive.  What’s neat about Facebook is that you can do more than just send messages back and forth.  You can share photos and videos, instant message when you’re both online, and even play games together.

But there are offline ways of keeping a friendship alive, too.  Even if you can’t meet up to see a movie or have dinner, maybe you can do a quick lunch?  Or perhaps you can set aside one evening a week to meet for dinner?  Another option is to try to set up one weekend a month to spend with your friends.  Even if you can only meet up to run a few errands, spending a few minutes with your friends each week can keep the friendship alive.

If you’re keeping a long distance friendship alive, try going old-fashioned: send actual paper letters!  You can also mail small trinkets and gifts back and forth, although postage can get expensive.  Of course, you can order online and have the company ship to your friend, saving you paying postage twice.  A local florist can often place delivery orders with florists in other cities, too, if you want to send your friend flowers.

The main way of keeping a friendship alive is to keep in touch.  Even if it’s by email or text, even if you don’t see each other for a few months, do something to keep the lines of communication open.  Each time you see your friend, take a moment to remember why you became close friends in the first place, and do whatever is necessary to keep that feeling alive.

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