Aug 03

How to Say Thank You in 2010

Saying thank you hasn’t really changed that much over the years, but as our world has grown, new ways of saying thanks have emerged.  While saying thanks with a small gift or a bouquet of flowers will never go out of style, there are some different ways of saying thank you in 2010.

The first is via email.  Many people fire off a quick “thanks” email when someone helps them out, especially if the help comes in the form of email.  All it takes it hitting reply and saying “thank you!”  In the past, people often had to speak in person to get information they need.  Saying “thanks” was then done in person.  It’s a bit less personal via email, but at least the courtesy is still there.

Some people see texting a “thanks” as even more impersonal than email.  However, with the major increase in texting among everyone (especially young people, but people of all age text), text thank yous are not uncommon now.  It’s not the most personal or best way to tell someone you appreciate what they’ve done, but it can be acceptable in some circumstances, such as for something minor. 

While both of these technological ways of saying thanks have become more popular in 2010, there’s nothing like saying thank you in person.  For the really big thanks, adding flowers, candy, or a small gift is certainly still appropriate.  Overall, of course, the main thing is being sincere and truly appreciating what the person did for you.

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