Jul 12

Giving Someone Else a Smile Makes YOU Feel Good Too

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to say angry or upset when you’re smiling?  There’s just something about smiling that makes people feel so much better.  But sometimes it can be really hard to get that first smile out when you’re in a horrible mood.  How do you do it?  Sometimes, seeing someone else smile at you can do the trick.  If you’re on the other side of the coin and in a good mood, smile at people.  You might be the one to pull them out of their bad mood!

While it might sound easy enough to smile at someone and make their day, it’s not always that simple.  What if you’re in a bad mood yourself?  Smiling isn’t easy, and you might not be able to find something to be happy about.  In that case, just do your best.  Remember that by smiling at someone, you’ll feel good, too.  That might sound a little selfish, of course, but if it’s enough to pull you out of a funk, then go for it!

Of course, you do need to try to be somewhat sincere.  A fake smile is pretty easy to see through, so put some feeling behind it!  It might take a few attempts before your smile is more than just an act, but work at it.  By forcing yourself to put feeling behind your smile, you’ll actually change your mood.

Once someone sees you smiling at them, they will realize that there’s someone out there who really does appreciate and care about them.  Just knowing that is enough to turn someone’s day around and make them feel better.

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