Apr 12

Fun Facts About Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday!  But did you know that the names of the days of the week are more than just random?  There is a history behind each name, plus each day of the week has some fun and different little facts pertaining to it.

Wednesday comes from the Old English word “wodnesdaeg.”  This word meant “Woden’s Day” While some people believe Woden is simply an alternative spelling of Odin, the chief Norse good, Woden is actually a separate entity.  He was part of the pantheon of gods of the Anglo-Saxon and Continental polytheistic religions.  He was, however, often associated with Odin.  Later, after Christianity swept through Europe, his story was rewritten to say he was an important king in ages past, and a number of rulers claimed to have been descended from him.

Wednesday is associated with the planet Mercury and the color green.  You can see this association in a number of the Romance languages such as Spanish (miercoles) and French (mercredi). 

The German name for the day, Mittwoch, literally translates to “mid-week,” while in the Portuguese, it’s called quarta-fiera, or “fourth day.” 

In Mandarin Chinese, Wednesday is

According to Mother Goose’s nursery rhyme, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

Religious holidays traditionally held on a Wednesday include Ash Wednesday and Holy Wednesday

People often refer to Wednesday as “hump day” because it’s the middle day of the week.  Once you’re over the hump, it’s all downhill until the weekend!

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