Aug 16

Back to School Shopping

August is the month when most students start back to school, but something very important has to happen first: the back to school shopping trip!  Kids need to get all their school supplies plus some new clothes and other items before the school year starts.  A lot of states have even implemented tax-free days in early August to make this annual shopping trip a little easier on parents.  There’s so much to buy, especially if you have more than one child in school.  Even college students aren’t immune to the shopping, although instead of crayons and glue, they’re buying expensive textbooks and, if they’re moving to a dorm for the first time, a lot of other items.

So what’s on your back to school shopping list?  While every family will be looking for different things, here are some common items.

School supplies of all kinds, of course!

New clothes

New shoes

Shoes for athletics

A lunch box

A graphing calculator (for those taking upper level math classes)

College students moving to the dorms will need bedding, towels, and basic room essentials like a trash can, a lamp, a rug, etc.

But these items are all for the students.  Is there anything parents need to buy for the first day of school?  There are a few things.  If your kids haven’t been eating breakfast regularly during the summer, you need to fix that.  Stock up on cereal and other breakfast foods.  In fact, cook a nice breakfast for the first day of school to get your kids up and going.

You might also want to purchase some snacks for your kids.  Often, students are hungry when they get home, so have something they can eat before dinner.  Make it healthy, though—fruit, vegetables, and the like.  Avoid candy if you can.

Another thing you may want to purchase is a little surprise for the kids on their first day.  Maybe this is an extra treat in their lunch box or ice cream when they get home.  For college students, you could send them flowers or a gift basket.  It’s nice to get a little something extra on the first day of school.

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