May 15

Little Ways to Say Thank You

There are a lot of ways you can tell someone thank you.  You don’t always have to send a big thank you message, especially if it’s for a small favor.  If you’re looking for a little way to say thanks, here are a few.

•    Send them a short note.  While it may be tempted to do this via email, that might come across as a bit impersonal.  At least send an e-card.  Even better, send a small handwritten note.

•    Take them out to lunch.

•    Bake them some cookies or a pie.

•    Bring them their favorite coffee drink.

•    Sincerely tell them thank you (it can be more appreciated than you think).

•    Offer to help them with a project as a thank you.  This can be a great way of showing your appreciation, especially if they’re swamped with work.

Saying thanks can be a simple thing, but the important part is that you do it.  Thanking someone for their help is a great way of building a relationship.  Want to say thank you with flowers?  We have a lot of great flower arrangements for delivery in Kansas City, MO.

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