Jul 25

Spice Up a Summer Romance

Want to spice up your summer romance?  Add some sizzle?  If you’re finding your summer romance is starting to fizzle out halfway through, here are a few different ways you can add some extra spice to it!

Do something unexpected.  Shake things up.  This might mean planning a surprise date where your partner doesn’t know what the plan is, or it might mean buying some revealing lingerie.  You don’t even have to do anything major—if your spouse is out one day, clean the entire house, do the laundry, and handle any other little chores.  This unexpected treat might not seem romantic, but it can certainly lead to a very hot night.

Cook your sweetie’s favorite meal.  Nothing shows someone how much you love them than cooking up a full meal just for them.  Include some candles and wine and you’ve got a great recipe for love.

Get rid of the distractions.  If you want a sizzling romantic night, get rid of anything that might get between the two of you.  Turn off the TV, your cell phones, the internet…just be together without anyone or anything else getting in the way.  If you have kids, even see about letting them spend the night with their grandparents or friends.

One major part of summer is the heat, and no one feels sexy when they’re sweating.  One way of making your romance hotter is to keep cool.  Crank up your AC and curl up with a movie you both love.  If movies aren’t your thing, you could always take turns reading your favorite book aloud or play a few games.  Maybe a few hands of strip poker?

Find the perfect romantic spot.  Even if you live in the most unromantic place on earth, you can find some place to shave a romantic moment.  Look for a great sunset or walk through the park.  If you’re near a beach or a breathtaking mountain view, pack a picnic and go.

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