Aug 18

Why Are Teachers Stressed?

School will be starting soon, and that means two things: back to the books for students and back to work for teachers.  But while most teachers think teaching is a fun job, many find themselves stressed out at least once during the school year.  But why?

There are many different reasons teachers get stressed.  First of all, there’s the workload.  While it may seem like teaching isn’t as much work as, say, computer programming, it’s really more than it seems.  There’s the prep time—preparing for the next day’s lessons and putting together tests and homework.  Then there’s the time spent out of class grading all that homework and the tests.  For some, this means reading pages and pages of essays and making comments on each one.

Another reason teachers get stressed out is when they have to deal with problems between students or between students and themselves.  Some students cause trouble in class, and it is the teachers’ responsibility to deal with this trouble in a way that leaves the student wanting to learn.  This can be very difficult, especially for those who teach younger students.

Then there’s the parent aspect.  Some parents simply do not want to believe that their child could cause problems.  Others don’t know why their children aren’t doing well in class and believe it’s the teacher’s fault.  Handling these parents in a calm, collected manner can be very difficult, especially if the parents get angry.

So teachers, despite that they all love their jobs, do often have stress in their lives.  If you’re a parent headed to a parent-teacher conference, remember this and be kind to them.  Teachers deserve a break.

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