Aug 24

Ways to Spend the Last Few Summer Days

Summer is almost over!  While the fall brings a lot of activities that many people enjoy, it’s not quite here yet.  There’s still time to enjoy the last few days of summer.  Here are some things you can do before the leaves start to turn.

Visit the beach or the local pool one last time.  It’s still warm (very warm in some places), so you can still take advantage of the sun, the laughter, and the swimming.  If you have your own pool, be sure to winterize it once you’re sure you won’t be using it again.

Do a little fall cleaning.  While we usually think of cleaning out the closets in the spring, the fall is a good time to do it, as well.  Pack away your summer clothes, put up the beach and picnic items, and dig out your fall outfits.  You might need to iron some of them or take some to the cleaners.

Another good thing to do the last few days of summer is outdoor repairs and modifications.  It’s not quite as hot as it was during July and the beginning of August, but it’s still warm enough that you can work outside comfortably.  Clean out those gutters, repair the fence, and fix the roof if it needs it.

While you’re at it, how about having a yard sale?  Get rid of anything that’s been stashed in your closets or garage for several years.  If you haven’t used it lately, chances are you don’t need it!

Have one last picnic.  There are still some summer concert series and outdoor activities going on, too.  Pack up some food and head out to one of these great events.

Go shopping!  Surely you need a new outfit or two for the fall, right?  Maybe some new shoes.  Call up a few of your friends and make an outing of it.

Take some time to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.  Eat your lunch outdoors, walk through a park, sit outside and read a book.  Whatever you do, just get outside and take advantage of the sun before it becomes too chilly to do so.

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