Mar 20

Time for Spring Cleaning!

March is here, and so is spring!  This means it’s time to do some spring cleaning.  Why?  Well, why not?  Spring is as good as any time of the year to go through your closets and get rid of stuff you haven’t used.  It’s also a good time to get your house in shape after winter.  The cold, sometimes wet months can actually cause some damage to the outside of your home, plus there are some chores you need to do now that spring is here.

When one thinks of spring cleaning, one usually thinks of going through the house and getting rid of old stuff.  That’s one good place to start.  First, you can get out your spring and summer clothing and put away your heavy winter clothing (although maybe keep out a warm jacket and a few heavier pieces just in case we get a late chill).  When you get out your spring outfits, keep an eye out for things you did not wear last spring or summer.  If you didn’t wear it, think about donating it to a local charity.  There’s no point in keeping anything you’re not going to wear.  Also do the same for anything you can’t wear any longer.

You can also go through your storage boxes and see if you’re keeping anything you don’t really need.  Old items, things you thought you might need but haven’t used in years, and old mementos that you no longer really remember why you have can all go.  You can also have your kids go through their old toys and pick some to give away.  If they seem hesitant, remind them that there has to be room for new toys.

Outdoors, you’ll need to clean out your flowerbed and your garden spot.  There will be a lot of old, dead stuff there, and you’ll need to pull it all out.  This is also a good time to clean out your gutters, trim out any dead limbs from your trees, and even do a little painting and minor repairs to your home.

Once you’ve done this spring cleaning, your home will feel fresh and new.  You’ll even be able to enjoy the spring weather a little bit more because your home will be so clean.

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