Mar 27

Growing Spring Flowers

Spring is here!  Many different types of flowers are starting to push their way up out of the soil, and some are even blooming already.  If you’re thinking about planting some spring flowers or want to send a lovely bouquet of spring flowers in Kansas City, MO, here are some of the most popular and easiest to grow.

Before you can plant your spring flowers, though, you’ll need to clean out your flowerbeds.  Pull out all the dead plants and any weeds that might have slipped in.  Once that’s done, till up the earth and get it nice and aerated.  While it’s true that most spring bulb flowers should be planted in the fall, now’s the perfect time to plant live flowers you’ve purchased from a nursery.

So what spring flowers should be planted around this time of year?  Here are some of the most colorful:

•    Agapanthus
•    Amaryllis
•    Birds of Paradise
•    Dahlia
•    Freesia
•    Heather
•    Hyacinth
•    Orchids
•    Peony
•    Roses
•    Sweet Pea
•    Tulips
•    Zinnia

Be sure to take note of the type of care these different flowers take.  Some need to be out of bright sunlight, while others will need a lot of water.  Treat them right, and you’ll have a bright, fresh garden in no time!

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