Jan 19

Fun Things to do Inside

In many places around the country, it’s cold outside.  With so few outdoor activates readily available in the winter, parents are often left with the task of finding something fun for their kids to do inside.  If you want to get them away from the TV and the video games, here are a few fun things to do inside.

Cook or bake.  Making meals often seems like a chore, but getting the entire family to pitch in can turn this task into a fun family event.  Younger children can get the table and help gather ingredients for the dishes.  Older children can put together a salad and other simple dishes, while teens can help with the actual cooking.  Of course, another family activity following dinner is cleaning up!

Play board games.  While kids may be all about the video games these days, they may find (to their surprise) that they enjoy playing old fashioned board games just as much.  Pull out Monopoly, Checkers, Clue, and other classic board games and spend an afternoon teaching your children that you don’t need electronics to have fun.

Do arts and crafts.  Look up some fun crafts on the internet or pick up a craft book from a local bookstore and make some fun artwork with your children.  They can make different decorations for their rooms or make artwork to hang on the refrigerator.  If a relative has a birthday coming up, they can even make some homemade gifts.

Read.  Kids might not think reading is cool, but set aside an hour or so for the whole family to read.  Brave the cold to go to the local library and have everyone pick out a book.  If you have young children, read to them.  Another fun activity is to have everyone take turns reading a single book aloud.

These are just a few things to do during the colder months.  No matter what you do, have some fun and enjoy the time you have with your family.  Soon enough, the weather will get warmer and everyone will be out playing sports and doing other outdoor activities.

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