Jul 13

How to Plan an Indoor Picnic

While a romantic picnic outdoors is certainly nice, sometimes the weather doesn’t permit it.  Other times, the bugs are just too much.  However, a nice alternative is an indoor picnic, especially for those who aren’t exactly the outdoors types.

Planning an indoor picnic is easy.  First, select the location.  You can push the furniture out of the way and use your living room or dining room floor, or you can spread your picnic blanket over your bed and use that.  Any indoor location works.  For the small and intimate, you can even have an indoor picnic in your laundry room or in a large closet.

Next, decide on the food.  Indoor picnics aren’t limited by cooler space or the transportation of food.  You can have hot, cooked food right from your own kitchen, or you can go with sandwiches or other traditional picnic foods.  Drink, too, is completely up to you—lemonade, water, soda, or something more romantic like champagne or wine.

That’s all you need.  Just pick a time, invite your significant other over, and enjoy your indoor picnic!

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