Oct 17

Hand in Hand: Romance and Roses

When you think of romance, one of the first images that comes to many people’s minds is red roses.  These flower have been associated with love and romance since ancient times, and while there are a few people who don’t like roses, most people love getting them.  Red roses are especially popular on anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day, but they’re appropriate any time you want to tell someone you love them.

For a first date, a dozen red roses might be a little too much—that says love, and you might not be ready for that just yet.  However, a single red rose is a great way to start off a date.  It says you’re interested and that you want to see where the relationship will go, but it’s not going too far.  You can save the dozen roses for a future date—maybe around the fifth or so, or for your one-month anniversary.

Speaking of anniversaries, unless you know she loves a different flower or is anti-rose for whatever reason, you should get her a dozen red roses to celebrate your anniversary.  This is the traditional sign of love, and even though it’s a safe and even, to some, a boring choice, there’s a reason it’s a classic.  It’s romance, pure and simple.

If you really want to make a huge, romantic gesture, go big: three dozen roses, 50 roses, or even 100 roses!  That’s sure to be something she will never forget!  Roses and romance go hand in hand, so the next time you want to show her how romantic you can be, don’t forget them.  We’re ready to help your romance along—let us deliver roses in Kansas City, MO, to your sweetheart!

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