Dec 13

Make Someone’s Christmas Brighter

During the Christmas season, it’s easy to get caught up in the gifts, the meals, and the events.  However, these things aren’t truly important, especially to those who are going through difficult times.  Not everyone has the means to have a cheery Christmas.  However, those of us who are blessed with a stable life can make someone’s Christmas brighter by sharing.

There are a number of different ways to go about giving someone a bright, merry Christmas.  Many stores get involved with local charities during the holiday season.  For example, bookstores often have selected children’s books up at the counter for customers to buy and give to a needy family.  The bookstore handles the wrapping and delivery—you don’t have to do anything.

Local charities like the Salvation Army are also very active around Christmas.  You’ve probably seen some of their bell ringers outside department stores and malls already.  Just drop your loose change into their donation bucket and you’ll help families who need housing, meals, and clothing.  If you don’t have change, you can contact the Salvation Army and arrange for other ways to donate.

You can also give to local food banks and soup kitchens.  No one should be alone and hungry on Christmas, and these organizations will make certain families are fed and warm.  Many aren’t just active during the holiday season, either—they help people all year round and they always appreciate any and all donations.  You may even want to volunteer to help serve or cook food this holiday season.

Many churches also do gift drives for the holidays.  Some collect gifts and distribute them to children who otherwise might not have a Christmas, while others hold holiday dinners or clothing drives.

Getting involved in helping others makes a huge difference, especially this time of the year.  Help make someone’s Christmas a little brighter by extending a helping hand.  They will truly appreciate it.


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Dec 07

Christmas Decorations Made Easy

It’s time to trim the tree and put up other Christmas decorations!  Many people love doing this, but for some, it sounds like such a chore.  However, there are various ways that you can make your Christmas decorating very easy.

Rule #1: don’t go overboard.  Sure, seeing someone’s home turned into a winter wonderland is fun, but doing it yourself takes a lot of work!  You don’t have to make huge displays to enjoy the holidays.  In fact, sometimes the simple Christmas tree and a wreath looks better.  Go for simple and elegant, not over-the-top and gaudy.  Don’t get caught up in a battle with your neighbor over who has the biggest holiday display.

Rule #2: make it fun.  Get the entire family involved.  Kids love hanging ornaments and helping decorate.  It can bring you closer together as a family and create wonderful memories.

Rule #3: make it special.  Get special, individual ornaments for each family member to hang, and use traditional ornaments if you have any.  Using decorations handed down through your family is a great way of honoring the memories of those who aren’t here to enjoy the holidays with us.

Rule #4: try to keep it all organized.  This rule mainly applies as you’re taking down the decorations towards the end of the month.  Don’t just throw it all in a box and put it in the attic for another year.  If you do, next year you’ll find lights tangled, ornaments busted, and some things missing.  Get a divided box for ornaments and try to bundle your lights.  You’ll be thankful next year when it’s less of a mess.

Rule #5: be creative!  You don’t have to do things the same way every holiday season.  Try having a theme this year if you haven’t done that, or go with no theme for a change.  Make your own ornaments with your kids (popcorn chains like edible cookie ornaments).  Put your Christmas tree in a different place and see what comes from it.  The possibilities are endless!


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Nov 30

Why Taking Time for Yourself is Important

The holiday rush has begun!  Thanksgiving involved a lot of cooking and visits from family, but it was just the start: the holiday season involves a lot of different events, parties, and social gatherings.  With all the rushing around shopping and planning gatherings, it’s important to take some time to yourself so you don’t get burnt out.  Don’t let the holiday stress and craziness become too much for you!

Taking time for yourself during the holidays can be difficult.  It seems like there’s just so much to do!  But you can find time here and there to rest and recharge.  Your weekends may be filling up pretty quickly, however.  This means you’ll need to find a different time to relax.  Evenings, for example, may be the perfect time to take it easy.  Instead of cooking, go out or order in.  Then take the rest of the evening off.  Don’t think about work, the holidays, or anything else.  Just relax, watch your favorite movie or TV show, and give your mind the night off.

You can also find time to relax during the day.  Take your lunch hour to recharge, especially if you’ve had a stressful morning.  Go out to lunch, or if you have time, run home and take a short nap.  If you really need a break, see if you can take a long lunch or even have the afternoon off.  You may not be able to take half a day off, but you can at least have a stress-free lunch.

It’s very important to make sure you don’t get overly stressed during the holiday season.  It’s very easy to with all the family and personal events you have going on in addition to work-related requirements.  If you end up getting too stressed and taking no time for yourself, you’re going to end up tired, unhappy, and unappreciative of all that the holiday season has to offer.


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Nov 22

Thanksgiving Events in KC

If you’re looking for something to do this Thanksgiving in addition to having a great dinner, there’s actually a lot going on in Kansas City.  There are a number of places to eat out, of course, but there are also some activities for you and the family to enjoy.  Here are some of the things you can do this week.

Don’t want to cook?  Here are some great places to go for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner:
•    Benton’s at the Westin Crown Center
•    Figlio, which serves a Thanksgiving buffet
•    The InterContinental Hotel, which offers a six-course dinner
•    Grand Street Café
•    Harrah’s Casino
•    J. Gilbert’s
•    O’dowds
•    Phillips Chophouse, located in the historic Phillips Hotel

You can also get carryout meals from several different places.  Wil Jenny’s Tables & Tap offers a Turkey Dinner Package for $125 that serves 12 to 16 people.  You can also create your own package from their a la carte offerings.  Cosentino Market in Brookside also offers a turkey meal, spiral-cut ham dinner, or a crusted leg of lamb meal.

If you’re ready for Christmas already, you can attend Christmas in the Sky, which includes fireworks, local performers, and more.  It’s held at Longview Lake on Nov. 23rd at 6:00 pm.

After eating your Thanksgiving dinner, head out to the Country Club Plaza for their Christmas lighting ceremony.

Another event that begins on Thanksgiving evening is the Midnight Magic at the Legends shopping event.  All stores open at 10:00 pm and feature some great discounts.

On Friday, Santa arrives at the Crown Center!  The event begins at 10:00 am and features a number of different events and activities for kids.

There’s much more going on in the city, of course, but these are some of the highlight events that you don’t want to miss.



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Nov 15

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is coming up, and many people are counting their blessings.  Some users on Facebook and other social media sites are even doing the Thanksgiving 30 day challenge in which each participate posts something he or she is thankful every day of November.  Can you come up with 30 different things you’re thankful for?  It’s harder than you might think!  But here are some of the things we’re extremely grateful for.

Family – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandparents, uncles, aunts…all family members in all shapes and sizes!

As-close-as-family – most families have that one incredibly close family friend who is practically a member of the family.

Friends – these are the people who always have your back, who help you through the horrible times and celebrate with you during the good times.  While Thanksgiving is often associated with the big family dinner, take time to be thankful for your close friends, too.

Pets – sometimes, we like them better than people!  Our dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, even our fish enrich our lives and bring us joy.

Employment – with the economy what it has been for the past few years, many of us are very thankful we have a steady job we love.

Our homes – likewise, we’re very thankful we have safe, comfortable places to live, especially as the weather gets colder.

Our freedoms – we hear of many people being oppressed in the news, making us all thankful of having the freedoms we do.

Our health – if you’ve had or are currently dealing with a life-changing illness, you know how easy it is to take your health for granted.  Be grateful for your heath if you are well.  For those who are dealing with a health issue, be thankful for the many professionals who can help and the many friends and family who are there for support.

Finally, we’re thankful for the beautiful world around us and the many things we have.  From those bright, cheery days and snuggling up and reading a good book to playing sports and eating a great meal, we’re thankful for everything we’ve been given and those we have around us to enjoy it all with.


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Nov 08

Celebrate Your Good Times

We all go through good and bad times in our lives.  Knowing this, it’s important to celebrate the good times because, when the bad ones come around, you may be too stressed or depressed to celebrate much of anything.  You deserve to celebrate your successes and those times when everything seems to be going perfectly.

People celebrate their good times in different ways.  Some take vacations.  If you haven’t widely traveled or been away from home in several years, why not pamper yourself and celebrate in style?  Take a cruise, visit another country, or just get away to the beach for a week or two.  You might not get a lot of rest on some of these trips, but you will see and do things you’ve never done before.

Others like to celebrate by buying themselves a nice gift or two.  If you’re really celebrating and have the means, you might want to buy yourself a nice new car.  Others celebrate with a new TV, updating their homes, or buying that one expensive item they’ve always wanted but never bought.

Some celebrate by going out to a nice restaurant.  This lets you celebrate with your friends and family, too.  You can get a good group together and head out to celebrate in style.  A nice dinner, great conversation, a bottle of wine, and some fancy dessert is a great way of celebrating.

Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to celebrate the good times.  If you want, you can celebrate something simply by staying in, cuddling up with your sweetheart, and watching your favorite movie.  Some people, especially those whose lives are always busy, love celebrating by turning off the phone and computer and just being unreachable and undisturbed for an evening.

No matter how you like to celebrate your good times, be sure to take a break out of your busy life to mark them in some way.  Life is too short not to celebrate those times when it’s all going your way.


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Nov 01

Get Ready for Fall Weather

November is here, and the temperature is starting to fall more and more.  Are you ready for the chilly fall weather and the cold winter weather that will follow?  There are a few different areas to work on to be ready for the cold.

The first is your closet.  Do you have your jackets and heavy winter coats out?  You should check them over now to make sure there are no holes in them and that they’re still in good condition.  You don’t want to wait until there’s snow on the ground to realize your coat is in need of repair.  Likewise, check out all of your sweaters and other winter clothing in case you need to replace anything now.  That includes footwear.

Once you’ve got your closet in good shape, it’s time to check out the rest of your home.  You can pay for an energy audit, or you can do it yourself.  The DIY version won’t be quite as good, but you’ll still discover areas where drafts let in cold air.  Basically, take a ribbon and hold it around your windows and doors.  If the ribbon starts moving, you know you’ve got a leak.  Of course, this does require a windy day or a small hand fan to test.  Seal up any leaks you find so those cold drafts don’t get in.  This will also help lower your heating bill.

Then there’s your garden and outdoor areas.  Remove dead plant, make roof repairs if you need to, and make certain your fences are repaired and ready to withstand the cold weather.  Prepare your flowerbeds and gardens for the snow and ice, especially if you live in northern areas.

Once you’ve taken care of these three things, you should have your home ready for the cold fall and winter temperatures.


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Oct 26

Are you Ready for Halloween?

Halloween is coming up!  Many kids will be out trick-or-treating this weekend since the actual holiday is on Monday.  A lot of Halloween parties are also going on this weekend.  Are you ready?  Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re ready for Halloween!

Have you finished decorating?  This is especially important if you’re hosting a party.  Get all the fake spider webs, pumpkins, plastic tombstones, and the like before the stores run out.

Do you have enough Halloween candy to give out?  Remember it’s better to have too much than too little.  You don’t want to have to make a candy run halfway through the evening.

Do you have all the ingredients for any Halloween dishes and desserts you may be planning to make?  Make sure you’re ready to make those spooky cupcakes!

Likewise, if you’re hosting an adult party, do you have all the Halloween spirits you wish to serve?

Have you finished your costume?  If you are hand-making all or part of it, don’t wait!  You don’t want to realize you’re missing something at the last minute.  If you’re buying or renting a costume, don’t put that off until the last minute, either.  You may find that there are very few options left if you do.

Are your children’s costume’s ready?

Have you sent out all your invites to your party?  People are often invited to several parties, so you need to let them know you’re holding a bash as early as possible.

If you’ve checked off all these items, you should be good to go for Halloween!

Don’t forget your Halloween flowers in Kansas City Missouri.

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Oct 19

Halloween Party Snacks

Hosting a Halloween party?  If so, you know you’ve got to have some great snacks.  But hasn’t everything been done to death (pardon the pun)?  If you’re looking for some treats that are a little different and don’t mind doing some cooking, try a few of these neat ideas.

Cupcakes: you can do a lot here!  Owls, black cat faces, and mummies are just a few ideas.  Get creative and think of how to use candy or cookies for decorating.  You can use small round mints for eyes or black licorice for cat whiskers.

For a healthy snack, take small carrots and turn them into scary severed fingers.  All you need are a few medium sized carrots, a red pepper, and some dipping sauces.  Taper the carrots on one end so they look like fingers.  Then cut a small slit in the end and insert a cut piece of the pepper for the nail.

Donut holes can become eyeballs with a little powdered sugar, an upside down chocolate chip for the pupil, and red decorator frosting to make them look bloodshot.

To go with the eyes, make some lime green gelatin with bits of fruits in it.  Poor it into an angel food cake pan and let it set.  Then cut the mold horizontally into several layers.  Arrange them to look like green monster intestines!

There are some gingerbread cookie cutters designed to make the traditional little boys and girls look like skeletons, but you don’t really need them.  Instead, use white icing to draw bones on the cookies.  You can make gingerbread skeletons, cat skeletons, dog skeletons…anything you like!

You can dress up crackers, biscotti, and other square-ish foods as ghosts, witches, and other spooky creatures using chocolate, nuts, and candies.

Take oranges and carve mini jack-o-lantern faces into them.

Mix raisins in with some white-chocolate covered pretzels to create “bugs in the bone yard.”

For beverages, serve chilled V8 juice as vampire blood or green Kool-Aid.  One neat trick is to serve the Kool-Aid in a glass punch bowl set on top of a glow necklace so that the color shines through it and looks otherworldly.



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Oct 12

Showing Appreciation for Your Boss

Boss’ Day is celebrated on October 17th this year, and employees everywhere will show their bosses how much they appreciate everything bosses do during the year.  There are many different ways you can show your appreciation.  Here are just a few ideas.

Gift baskets.  You can usually find a great gift basket that fits anyone.  You can find baskets full of fruit, gourmet chocolates, cheeses, and snacks, just to name a few things.  Some gift baskets even have themes such as sports, spa day, or movies.

Lunch.  Take the boss out to his or her favorite restaurant for lunch on Boss’ Day.  The entire office can go in together and have a fun outing.  You can also order in or have dessert towards the end of the day.

Flowers or plants.  Flowers make a nice gift, although you may want to go with a green plant for male bosses.  However, be sure not to go with an arrangement meant for a romantic partner.  Your boss might get the wrong message from a dozen red roses!

Gourmet coffee.  If your boss loves to have his java in the morning, how about a select of gourmet coffees and a nice, new coffee mug?

Office accessories, if they’re nice.  No one likes cheap pencil holders, but you can get your boss something for his or her desk that is very nice.  Something like a gorgeous fountain pen or a fancy coaster to go with that coffee mug.  Just be careful and don’t get unnecessary items: your boss can go to the supply room and get more post-its, for example.

Items that match your boss’s personality.  This one is a bit tricky because it involves a more personal gift.  However, if you know your boss loves a particular movie or sport, for example, you can go with something related to that.


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