Mar 27

Growing Spring Flowers

Spring is here!  Many different types of flowers are starting to push their way up out of the soil, and some are even blooming already.  If you’re thinking about planting some spring flowers or want to send a lovely bouquet of spring flowers in Kansas City, MO, here are some of the most popular and easiest to grow.

Before you can plant your spring flowers, though, you’ll need to clean out your flowerbeds.  Pull out all the dead plants and any weeds that might have slipped in.  Once that’s done, till up the earth and get it nice and aerated.  While it’s true that most spring bulb flowers should be planted in the fall, now’s the perfect time to plant live flowers you’ve purchased from a nursery.

So what spring flowers should be planted around this time of year?  Here are some of the most colorful:

•    Agapanthus
•    Amaryllis
•    Birds of Paradise
•    Dahlia
•    Freesia
•    Heather
•    Hyacinth
•    Orchids
•    Peony
•    Roses
•    Sweet Pea
•    Tulips
•    Zinnia

Be sure to take note of the type of care these different flowers take.  Some need to be out of bright sunlight, while others will need a lot of water.  Treat them right, and you’ll have a bright, fresh garden in no time!

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Mar 20

Time for Spring Cleaning!

March is here, and so is spring!  This means it’s time to do some spring cleaning.  Why?  Well, why not?  Spring is as good as any time of the year to go through your closets and get rid of stuff you haven’t used.  It’s also a good time to get your house in shape after winter.  The cold, sometimes wet months can actually cause some damage to the outside of your home, plus there are some chores you need to do now that spring is here.

When one thinks of spring cleaning, one usually thinks of going through the house and getting rid of old stuff.  That’s one good place to start.  First, you can get out your spring and summer clothing and put away your heavy winter clothing (although maybe keep out a warm jacket and a few heavier pieces just in case we get a late chill).  When you get out your spring outfits, keep an eye out for things you did not wear last spring or summer.  If you didn’t wear it, think about donating it to a local charity.  There’s no point in keeping anything you’re not going to wear.  Also do the same for anything you can’t wear any longer.

You can also go through your storage boxes and see if you’re keeping anything you don’t really need.  Old items, things you thought you might need but haven’t used in years, and old mementos that you no longer really remember why you have can all go.  You can also have your kids go through their old toys and pick some to give away.  If they seem hesitant, remind them that there has to be room for new toys.

Outdoors, you’ll need to clean out your flowerbed and your garden spot.  There will be a lot of old, dead stuff there, and you’ll need to pull it all out.  This is also a good time to clean out your gutters, trim out any dead limbs from your trees, and even do a little painting and minor repairs to your home.

Once you’ve done this spring cleaning, your home will feel fresh and new.  You’ll even be able to enjoy the spring weather a little bit more because your home will be so clean.

Don’t forget to make your home brighter with some spring flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Mar 13

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Almost every holiday has some sort of tradition associated with it, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.  While most people know about wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, here are some other traditions associated with March 17th that you might not know about.

Many people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day.  According to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock, or the clover, to explain the Christian Trinity.  He found it to be the perfect visual aid when describing how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were all just different parts of the same God.  His followers soon started wearing shamrocks on St. Patrick’s feast day.

Because of his connection to Christianity, many churches hold special St. Patrick’s services or events.  For this day, the restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol that many observe during the season of Lent are lifted.

Green wasn’t the first color associated with St. Patrick—it was blue.  However, because of his use of the shamrock, people slowly started wearing green instead of blue.  This custom dates back as early as the 17th centry, and it came to the U.S. in 1737 when the first St. Patrick’s Day event was held in Boston.  It’s interesting to note that while wearing green is now a St. Patrick’s Day tradition around the world, it’s not in Ireland.  In fact, it’s considered unlucky to wear green there!  Now, you’re likely to get pinched (another tradition that is more American than Irish) if you don’t wear green!

Many people enjoy drinking beer on St. Patrick’s Day.  Many pubs tint their beer green just for this day.

St. Patrick’s Day parades and other events are held in many cities, especially those with a large Irish population.  Green tinted foods and beverages are served, and some cities even tint local rivers green for the day.

The traditional meal of St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage.  Originally, it was cabbage and bacon, but Irish immigrants moved to the U.S., corned beef was substituted because bacon was too expensive.

Do you have your green outfit ready for Saturday the 17th?  Ready for some cabbage and corned beef?  How about a cold beer?  Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Send St. Patrick’s Day flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Mar 06

Popular Spring Flowers

Spring is right around the corner, and there are a lot of different flowers that come with it.  Sunflowers, lilies, daisies, irises, carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums…the list goes on and on.  Bringing some of these bright spring flowers into your home is a great way to make your house feel light and fresh after the cold winter.  Flowers can play an important part in creating a bright spring feeling, but which flowers should you choose?  Here are some ideas for great spring arrangements.

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers.  Tulips come in so many different colors that you’re sure to find one that matches your décor and style.

Lilies are another great option, especially if you want a flower that won’t scream for attention.  If you want something colorful, think about mixing flowers.  Roses, peonies, lavender, tulips, wildflowers…you can mix and match different colors to make a really bright bouquet.

Hyacinth is a nice spring flower, especially when combined with another perennial like crocus

Daisies are another spring flower that makes us smile.  They’re a very simple flower and look nice in any room.  Or consider hydrangeas, especially since their soft, light shades can be matched your tablecloth, bedspread, drapes or other fabric in your decor

Any of these spring flowers will bring a breath of fresh air into your home and get rid of those winter blues.  Check out our many different options and send spring bouquets in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 28

Should You Propose on February 29th?

Many men look for something to make their proposal just a little different.  Well, what would be a bit different than proposing on February 29th?  Ask her to take the leap on leap year, so to speak.  But should you do it?

There are actually several traditions regarding proposing and leap year.  One comes from Ireland.  In the 5th century, St. Bridget and St. Patrick had an argument.  St. Bridget complained that women had to wait for men to propose, so even though many women were ready to get married, they were stuck waiting.  St. Patrick listened to her argument and decided to allow women one day to propose to men.  However, he got to pick the day.  Yes, he chose February 29, so women supposedly could only propose on leap day.  Because of this, it’s sometimes called Bachelors’ Day.

This tradition came up again in England.  English law actually ignored February 29, so it had no legal status.  People decided this meant traditions didn’t apply on the 29th, either.  Thus, women could propose to men.  In 1288, Scotland actually passed a law stating this.  There was also a fine assessed to any man who turned down a leap year proposal.  This fine could run anywhere from a kiss to a dress or other article of clothing.  Later, it became tradition in many European countries for a man to buy any woman he turned down 12 pairs of gloves.  The idea was that the woman would wear the gloves to hide her lack of engagement ring.

Finally, in Greece, it’s considered very bad luck for couples to get married during leap year.  Because of this, it’s estimated that about one in every five couples either rush their marriage or delay it a year.  Those who do marry during leap year almost always go out of their way to avoid leap day.

So should you propose on February 29th?  If you’re a woman and you want to take matters into your own hands, you have tradition backing you up!  On the other hand, you might agree with the Greeks and find the whole year, or especially the day, bad luck for marriage or anything related to it.  It’s up to you to decide.

Celebrate leap day by sending her flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 22

Why Flowers Are Always the Perfect Gift

There are a lot of different gift choices out there, but there’s nothing quite like a bouquet of flowers.  It’s the perfect gift for so many occasions, yet there are a lot of people who don’t think of giving flowers.  Why not?  Here are some reasons why flowers are always the perfect gift.

•    They’re customizable.  Can’t find a gift in the recipient’s favorite color?  You might be out of luck.  Flowers, however, come in all colors.  Even if one flower is out of season, there’s another that can take its place.
•    Flower arrangements have that human touch.  Few other gifts are designed, arranged, and delivered by hand these days.  With flowers, though, there’s no machine putting the bouquet together.  It’s all done by a person.
•    Flowers affect multiple senses.  We see, touch, and smell a bouquet of flowers.  Again, not many other gifts affect three of the five senses.
•    Flowers can change the whole look and feel of a room.  A bright arrangement draws your eyes right to it and makes a room feel more cheery.
•    Flowers are great gifts for women, but there are many arrangements for men, too.
•    Flowers can be accessorized very easily.  Add a balloon, a stuffed animal, a box of candy…there are many different ways to add something extra to a bouquet.
•    Flowers can send any message.  A bouquet of daisies might say, “cheer up!” while a dozen roses proclaims, “I love you.”
•    Flowers can be everything from the simple to the exotic.  There’s a flower for every mood.
•    Flowers are more about the thought.  You get this bright, beautiful bouquet of flowers that only last a short time, but it says so much in that time.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, send flowers!  They’re perfect for every occasion.

Send flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 12

Have a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant and spend a lot of money to have a romantic Valentine’s Day date.  In fact, you can have a very romantic date without ever leaving home.  Here are a few tips on how to have a romantic Valentine’s Day at home.

For dinner, cook for her.  Even if you can’t make a huge, romantic meal, do what you can.  If you can work some of her favorite foods in, that’s even better.  It doesn’t matter if it’s something simple like stew in the slow cooker or a four course Italian meal, just do what you can do.  As long as you can make something edible that’s a step above a frozen pizza.

Order in.  If you can’t cook, or if the two of you agree not to put a lot of effort into your Valentine’s Day meal, order Chinese or pizza.  Some pizza chains are even doing special heart-shaped Valentine’s Day pizzas.  That’s romantic and easy.  Just don’t forget to tip your delivery person, who isn’t out on a romantic date this year.

Be sure to have snacks, dessert, and drinks on hand so you don’t run out.  You might want an extra bottle of wine for after dinner, and chocolate is always a good idea.

You can add romance to your table by adding a tablecloth, candles, and putting on some soft music in the background.  Wrap your silverware in cloth napkins and use your best china.  Don’t forget to order a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers for your table.

Of course, you don’t have to be tied to the table.  If you and your significant other are more comfortable eating in front of the TV, there’s nothing wrong with that.  You could also spread a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic.  If the weather permits, dinner on your balcony or back patio is also an option.  You can turn your backyard into a romantic getaway with just a few lights and candles.

After dinner, cuddle up and watch your favorite TV show or movie.  You could also play games (video games or board games, whichever you like), read to each other, or look back through photo albums and re-live your romance.  Whatever you do, make it something you both enjoy and can do together.

Enjoy your romantic Valentine’s Day at home!

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Feb 10

The Story of Cupid

Cupid & Psyche by Canova

Valentine’s Day has a number of different images associated with it: roses, hearts, and Cupid, a little, mostly naked winged kid with a bow and arrow.  Cupid flies around shooting lovers with his magical arrows, causing them to fall deeply in love.  But there’s more to the myth of Cupid than just this.

Cupid was first known in ancient Greece as Eros (Cupid is his Roman name).  He was the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and was charged with spreading love among both mortals and the gods.  While he plays a small role in several myths, usually causing someone to fall in love with someone he or she shouldn’t, Cupid’s name story features how he met his mortal bride Psyche.

Psyche was incredibly beautiful, and unfortunately, many people told her so.  Aphrodite got wind of this and became very jealous—she believed she was the most beautiful being in existence, god or mortal.  She ordered Cupid to hit Psyche with one of his golden love arrows while she slept.  She would then make sure that the first thing Psyche saw when she woke up was a hideous creature.

Cupid made himself invisible and snuck into her room.  However, Psyche woke up before he could shoot her with the arrow, and he accidentally scratched himself with the arrow.  He instantly fell in love with her.  He returned to Aphrodite and told her what happened.  She cursed Psyched that prevented her from ever meeting a suitable husband.

Psyche’s parents went to the oracle of Apollo, who told them that Psyche’s husband awaited her on a mountain.  When she reached the peak, she found a gorgeous palace filled with everything she ever wanted.  Invisible servants took care of all her needs.  There was only one catch: she could speak to her husband, but she was forbidden to see him.  He would come to her in the middle of the night when it was completely dark and leave before first light.

Eventually, Psyche began to wonder what her husband looked like, especially after she visited her sisters.  They made Psyche suspect her husband was a horrible creature, and so one night she hid a lamp near her bed.  When Cupid fell asleep next to her, she uncovered the lamp and saw how beautiful he was.  He awoke, and in anger sent her back to her family.

Later, Psyche realized she was truly in love with Cupid, and she begged Aphrodite to allow the two to reconcile.  Aphrodite give Psyche a series of nearly impossible tasks, but Psyche prevailed.  In the end, Cupid and Psyche reconciled, and she became an immortal so they could remain together forever.

Don’t let your Psyche get away!  Woo her with Valentine’s flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 08

Valentine’s Day History

Valentine’s Day has a long and interesting history.  No one is really sure why February 14th was picked for this day, but it is known that it’s related to St. Valentine.  The holiday is partially based on the Roman festival of Lupercalis, which was a fertility celebration held on February 15th.  However, as Christianity became more prevalent in Europe, many of these pagan holidays were combined with or transformed into Christian holy days.

It was Pope Gelasius in 496 AD who changed Lupercalia into a Christian feast day and moved it one day forward.  He then declared February 14th to be the feast day of St. Valentine, a man who lived in the 3rd century.  But who was St. Valentine?

He wasn’t one man, that much is sure.  The Catholic Encyclopedia lists three St. Valentines.  One was a bishop in Terni, one was a priest in Rome, and one went on a missionary trip to Africa, where he died.  All three were supposedly martyred on February 14th.  Pope Gelasius most likely intended to honor the Roman priest.  According to some records, he lived around 270 AD in Rome.

There are two different versions of the story of St. Valentine, but they have some things in common.  Roman Emperor Claudius II had prohibited young men from marrying so he could recruit more and more soldiers into his army.  Married men, he believed, were too attached to their families and would be less willing to die for Rome.  Many Roman citizens were shocked at this, especially young couples who were planning to marry.

A number of priests, St. Valentine among them, agreed to hold secret marriage ceremonies.  He would meet he couples in a secret place and perform the ceremony.  However, it wasn’t long before his secret opposition to the emperor got out, and Claudius had him arrested.  When Claudius met him, he was very impressed with Valentine’s dignity.  However, he attempted to convince Valentine to worship the Roman gods, and Valentine refused.  This angered Claudius, who ordered his execution.

Before he died, Valentine wrote a message to his jailor’s daughter, with whom he had become friends.  He signed it “From your Valentine.”  From this line, his name became the term for both a card given on Valentine’s Day and a term for the person giving the card.

During the Middle Ages, Valentine had become one of the most popular saints in France and England.  The traditions of giving gifts and exchanging cards were in full swing by the 18th century.  These cards were all hand-made at this time.  It wasn’t until the 1840s that commercially produced Valentine’s cards were created in the U.S.

Today, the holiday is celebrated around the world.  A full 25% of all cards sent every year are Valentine Day cards!  Do you have a special Valentine this year?  If so, be sure to send him or her a card.

Don’t forget your Valentine flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 07

Different Kinds of Valentine’s Day Dates

What kind of date do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year?  Many people go with the traditional: dinner and a movie or concert.  However, you don’t have to follow the crowd.  There are many different types of dates.

The Stay-At-Home Date:  Cook her a romantic dinner and then snuggle on the sofa and watch your favorite movie.  You could also play games or just spend the evening talking.  For your dinner, you don’t necessarily have to do a candlelit meal.  You could have a picnic on the floor or even order a pizza if that’s what you both want.

The Walking Date:  Go out to dinner, but then take a stroll through the park or downtown area.  Some cities have plaza areas where musicians play and you can get coffee or shop.  Walk under the stars and enjoy each other’s company.

The Prince Charming Date:  After a romantic meal, take her for a horse-drawn carriage ride.  Be sure to start the date out with a bouquet of red roses, and once you return home, present her with your version of the glass slipper (a necklace, bracelet, or whatever gift you know she will love).

The Flashback Date:  Recreate your first date or your first Valentine’s Day date by going to the same restaurant and doing the same or a similar activity.  Finish the date off by reminiscing about your relationship and what you love about her.

The Online Date:  Will you and your significant other be separated on Valentine’s Day?  If you both have internet access, have an online date.  You can chat via instant messenger or even hook up webcams so you can see each other.  There are a number of free programs like Skype you can use for this.  If you both play the same online game, you can even go on a virtual date together.

The Non-Valentine’s Day Date:  If Valentine’s Day just isn’t for you, you can always celebrate by not celebrating.  For some people, this is actually a tradition.  Order in and watch TV all night.  Or you could have a party for all of your friends who don’t really get into this holiday.

No matter what kind of date you have, make it personal and romantic.  You don’t have to go big, but do pay attention to all the little details.  She will like any bouquet of flowers you get her, but she will love it if you get her an arrangement of her favorite flowers.  Likewise, any restaurant is great, but going to her favorite or one that has significance to the two of you makes it that much better.

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