Jul 17

Put a Smile on Someone’s Face Today

There are many different ways to make someone smile.  Doing so can also make you feel great about yourself, plus it helps forge a stronger relationship between you and the other person.  If you’re looking for a few easy ways to make someone smile, here they are!

Tell someone they look nice.

If you see someone struggling with carrying things, give them a hand.

Volunteer.  Nothing puts a smile on volunteer coordinators and others who give of their time to see some new help.  You’ll also put a smile on the faces of those you help.

Give someone a small gift.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  For example, if someone is so busy at work that they can’t get away for lunch, bring them a sandwich or a snack.

Send someone flowers.  This is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face!

Be positive.  Talking with someone about something you’re both interested in can be fun and will bring a smile to someone’s face, but not if they’re talking to someone who is negative about everything.  Try to have an upbeat attitude and people will naturally smile when they are around you.

If you know there’s a chore your spouse doesn’t like doing, step in once in a while and do it.  Do the laundry, pick up after the kids, put away the dishes…your spouse will reward you with a smile (and perhaps more).

Smile at someone!  The best way to get a smile is to give one first.

Let us help you make someone smile.  Send flowers in Kansas City, MO, today!

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Jul 10

Birthday Parties to Remember

Getting ready to have a birthday?  You want to make it one to remember!  Usually we remember parties because of who was there or because of some disaster, but sometimes we remember parties because of what we did.  Here are a few ideas for birthday parties that you’ll remember for years.

Have a cookout with all of your friends and family.

Have a picnic at a local park and play games like Frisbee golf.

Go to a water park or fun park.

Go play miniature golf.

Go camping, even if it’s just in your backyard.

If you have a pool, invite your friends and family over for a swim, or just hang out around the pool.

Instead of cake, get an ice cream cake or have an ice cream sundae bar.  Snow cones can also be a fun dessert, especially if you have a small home snow cone maker.  You can get different flavors of syrup and lets guests pick their favorite.

Above all, do something that keeps you and your guests out of the heat.  While outdoor activities can be fun, don’t head outdoors if you’re seeing temperatures in the three digits.

You’ll remember your birthday if you get a bouquet of beautiful flowers!  If no one else orders them, get yourself an arrangement of birthday flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Jul 05

Beat the Heat in Kansas City, MO

It’s the middle of the summer, and it’s boiling outside.  Kansas City can get pretty warm this time of year, so you’ll need to be thinking about ways to beat the heat.  Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep cool.

Stay indoors during the heat of the day (the afternoon and early evening).  If you do need to do yard work or run errands that require you to be outdoors for a good amount of time, try to schedule them early in the morning or later in the evening.

Look to alternatives to meals baked in the oven.  If you’re just feeding yourself or a few people, look into using a toaster oven as an alternative.  These small electric ovens can bake meals just as well as a full-sized oven but they don’t put out nearly as much heat.

Instead of cranking up the air conditioner, use fans.  They help circulate the cold air.  Also make sure your doors and windows seal tightly so none of your cold air escapes.  Another way of saving on your energy bill is to hang curtains designed to help insulate your home.

If you have elderly neighbors, check in with them to make sure their homes are properly cooled and that they have fans in case their air conditioning goes out.  Do the same with any elderly relatives, and make certain they know to call you immediately if they do lose air conditioning.  The elderly are susceptible to heat stroke, so be sure they’re safe.  If they’re outdoors, make sure they wear hats or sit under a sunscreen.

Don’t forget that your pets need help with the heat, too!  Keep their water bowls full of fresh, cool water.  If you have a dog outside, spray down your patio during the morning so he has somewhere cool to lie on during the hot afternoon.

Make your home look cooler with a fresh bouquet of summer flowers.  Their bright colors and great scent will help you ignore the heat!

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Jun 26

Summer Family Activities

Summer is here!  There’s a lot of fun summer activities for the entire family out there!  Some of them do require you to endure the heat, while others are indoors in the air conditioning.  Some of these activities are also completely free, but others do cost an entry fee.  Here are a mixture of activities that include free ones, ones with costs, indoor events, and outdoor activities.

-Go to the zoo.  Kids love the zoo, and there’s something magical about it for parents, too.  Many zoos upgrade or add new animal exhibits over the years, so the zoo might even have something new and different for you.  Cost: medium, although food and souvenirs may drive the cost up.

-Head out to a local park and playground.  Besides the swings and other playground equipment, many parks have small ponds that are home to ducks or geese.  You can bring along some old bread crumbs and feed them, which many kids love.  Some playgrounds also have what are called spraygrounds, areas that have fun sprinklers and other water toys.  Cost: free!

-Start a family garden.  You can teach kids about gardening, vegetables, and flowers by having them help you in your backyard garden.  Kids like digging in the dirt and picking ripe vegetables, and they’ll learn along the way.  Cost: low.  You’ll need to buy seeds and maybe some bug spray.

-Plan a family vacation.  This doesn’t have to be a huge trip, although it can be if you have the funds.  A weekend trip to the beach or to a theme park can be just as fun as a week-long trip to Disney World or another major location.  This type of trip does require scheduling time off and reservations.  Cost: medium to very high, depending on where you go and how long your vacation lasts.

-Go for a walk or ride your bikes.  If each family member has a bicycle, go for a ride.  If you don’t have bikes, go for a walk around the neighborhood.  This is also a good way of exercising and walking your dogs, if you have any.  Cost: free for walking, low if you need to perform any bike maintenance.

These are just a few great summer activities that are fun for the whole family!

Bring the bright, cheery look of the outdoors into your home!  Let us supply you with some great #

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Jun 19

Summer Yard Work Tips

When you think about summer, a few things immediately come to mind: fresh vegetables from the garden, gorgeous flowers blooming in the park, and heading outdoors with your family to have fun.  But there are a few other things that come with summer: long, hot days, sunburns, and dealing with your yard.  While the flowerbeds certainly are blooming, the grass is also growing, and the weeds are popping up all over the place.  We’ve got a few tips to make this yard work a little bit easier, though, or at least more manageable.

Do a little yard work every week.  While you may certainly have to mow every week to keep the yard under control, you don’t always have to trim your bushes or dead-head flowers that have finished blooming.  However, if you plan out your chores and do a little bit every week, you won’t have to deal with a massive amount of work all at once.  Even though you may not need to trim back your hedges just yet, by giving them maintenance trims every other week, you avoid an hour-long task.

Go out during the early morning or late evening to do your yard work, although in the evening, there are often more bugs around.  Not only is it cooler and the sun won’t be glaring down on you, but it’s also better to water during these times.  If you water during the heat of the day, more water evaporates.  Your flowers won’t get as much nourishment.

Don’t forget to wear appropriate yard work clothing.  While it may be hot out, shorts aren’t always the best attire if you’re weed eating or mowing since your legs may get hit with debris.  You should also wear a light long-sleeved shirt to keep the sun off your arms and keep them from getting scratched up.  A hat is also important to keep the sun off of you (even in the late evening and early morning, you should wear a hat).  Finally, gloves are important if you’re dealing with plants or bushes that are sticky or have thorns.  You might also wear them if you’ve had any kind of allergic reaction while gardening.

Taking care of your yard during the summer can be a lot of work, but it’s also rewarding.  A well-kept yard is a great accomplishment and looks very nice.  But don’t leave those bright cheery colors outdoors!  Bring some inside!  We have many different summer flowers for delivery in Kansas City, MO.

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Jun 14

Great Card Messages for Father’s Day

Are you one of those people who stare at cards for what seems like hours while you try to figure out the perfect words to write in them?  If you need some help getting your Father’s Day card written, here are some popular messages.

Dad, you have been there for me all of my life. Thank you for giving me everything I needed and a lot more.

Happy Father’s Day! You have been a great role model and inspiration to me.

Thanks for acting like a kid when I was a kid, a friend when I needed a friend, and my dad when I needed my dad.

I didn’t realize how important it was to have a dad like you when I was growing up.  Now I do.  Happy Father’s Day!

I’m happy to have a dad who is cool enough to hang out with!

Dad, I can’t imagine what life would have been like without you.

Has anyone ever made you realize how much of your life you gave up just to raise me? Thank you for sacrificing so much!

Thank you for helping me become the person I am today.

Some of my friends didn’t have a dad when they were growing up. I’m thankful for you.

You watched out for me, taught me, laughed with me, and loved me.  Thanks for being the best dad anyone could ask for.

Happy Father’s Day to the dad who loved me enough to teach me some tough lessons, even when I didn’t want to learn them.

Dad, you have been one of my greatest influences in life.  You have taught me many things, I’m a better person because of you.

Dad, I think God knew what He was doing when He made you my dad.  He knew that it would take someone patient, wise, and loving to raise someone as willful as I am.

Dad, you are my hero and my role model. Thanks for being there and being such a great example.

You could also write about a special memory you and your father share, mention something amazing he did for you recently, or just tell him why you love him so much in your own words.

Don’t forget your Father’s Day flowers in Kansas City, MO!

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Jun 12

Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday.  Have you bought Dad a gift yet?  There’s still time!  Sometimes, Dad is one of the hardest people to buy for.  However, we’ve put together a short gift guide to give you some ideas.

A lot of dads love electronic toys, and there are plenty on the market today.  If your dad needs a new cell phone, get him an iPhone or a new Android.  Tablets like the iPad are also very popular.  Dads who read a lot might enjoy a Kindle.

Does dad have a big screen TV?  While large televisions are still expensive, you can find a 32-inch flat screen for a very reasonable price.  If Dad has one of those, how about a blu-ray player or a collection of his favorite movies and TV shows on DVD or blu-ray?

If Dad loves to cook, get him some grilling items.  Maybe even buy him a new grill if he needs one.  Of course, if he’s a wiz in the kitchen all year round, get him some new pots and pans or a new knife set.

Does Dad hunt or fish?  If he does, hook him up with a new pole, lures, a tackle box, and other fishing supplies.  Who knows, maybe he will catch a whopper and grill it up for you.

Fathers who enjoy sports need good equipment.  Buy dad some new golf clubs, a new catcher’s mitt, or a new tennis racket.

Many men love having a nice glass of wine or expensive imported beer with a meal.  Pick up a nice vintage for your dad to enjoy next time your parents have a dinner party or the next time they celebrate a special event.

Some dads do like flowers, and we have several arrangements designed for men.  We also have gift baskets full of gourmet fruits and candy.  Let us help with your Father’s Day flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Jun 05

Bring Those Bold Colors of Summer Into Your Home

It’s summer!  That means it’s time to head outdoors, go swimming, play in the park, and redecorate your home!  OK, so maybe most people don’t do a full home revamp just because the season changes, but many people do change up some of their decorations during the spring and summer.  If you’re wondering how you could bring the bold colors of summer into your home, here are a few ideas.

Since the Fourth of July is coming up, combine your summer décor with holiday decorations.  Go with things done in bold red, white, and blue colors.  You can use them for Independence Day, then leave them out for the rest of the summer.  A blue vase can be used with your Fourth of July flowers for your table centerpiece.  Red throw pillows will look great on most sofas, no matter the color.  White, of course, goes with almost everything, too.

Another way of bringing in bold summer colors is to deliberately add a primary color to your room that stands out.  Maybe you’ve got a room that’s mostly done in black and white.  Imagine what adding some purples would do to it.  You can use dark purple Irises in white vases along with some purple candles and even a floor rug with some purple in it to tie this theme together.  If you’ve done a room in pale blue, use bold reds to make a statement.  Think outside the box and try colors that you might not always combine to see how they look.

Summer is all about colors, so if your home isn’t very colorful, this is the time to add some different shades to it.  Go bold!  Bring in bright flowers, yes, but don’t stop there.  Throw pillows, rugs, candles, vases…even add some bright, bold lamp shades.  In fact, you can change the whole feel of a room just be switching out a few of these items.  Let summer into your home and brighten up your life.

Need help?  We have a ton of bright summer flowers for delivery in Kansas City, MO.

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May 29

Turn a Dull Day into a Magical One

Having a dull, boring day?  There are several things you can do to transform it into a magical one, and not all of them require a lot of money.  In fact, there are some really easy and affordable things you can do to make your blah day more fun.  Here are just a few of them.

Don’t cook dinner.  Go out to a restaurant, get take out, or order delivery.  Treating yourself to a meal you don’t have to cook can be a great way of relaxing and making yourself feel a little special.  It gets even better when you realize you don’t have to deal with the dishes.

Order dessert.  A piece of chocolate cake or ice cream is enough to turn any dull day into a great one, especially if you usually deny yourself these treats.

Buy yourself a fun gift.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but it’s OK to treat yourself every now and then.  Pick up that DVD you’ve been waiting, buy yourself a new shirt, or get some new shoes.

Go out and do something, especially if you haven’t in a while.  Maybe you and your significant other could go see a movie or go to a sporting event.  Call up your friends and go for coffee.  You don’t even need to go out with anyone—you can treat yourself to a movie or dinner.

Settle back in bed and enjoy your favorite movie or book.  It might sound dull, but for some, just taking time to be by themselves and do something they enjoy is a too-rare treat that makes a day perfect.

Take a half day at work.  Nothing makes a day more magical than playing hookie!

Order yourself flowers!  Let us help turn your dull day into a magical one by delivering flowers to you in Kansas City, MO!

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May 23

Memorial Day Meals

Memorial Day is this coming Monday.  One thing most people do for Memorial Day is have a family get together, and you can’t have a family gathering without food!  What will you be eating this Memorial Day Weekend?  Here are a few ideas.

A lot of people like to cook out for Memorial Day.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, barbeque, and steaks all make delicious meals.  This is a pretty easy meal to make, so it’s good if you’ve got a large number of people coming over.  Just get some toppings (tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, onion), condiments, and some buns.  You don’t need a lot of sides.  Potato chips, baked beans, or potato salad are about all you need.

Since it’s the beginning of summer, a lot of people like to serve light meals for Memorial Day.  Fruits and different salads are especially popular.  Fruit salad, strawberry salad, pasta salad…basically anything that’s cool or crisp.  Almonds, oranges, avocado, cucumber…pick your favorite fruits and vegetables and enjoy!

Most people go light on dessert, too.  Key lime pie, banana pudding, cheesecake, and bite sized cookies are all good.  Ice cream is another great Memorial Day dessert, especially homemade ice cream.

Remember, if you’re eating outdoors, you’re not going to want something that’s really heavy, nor are you going to want something that is complicated to eat.  The fewer utensils you need to juggle, the better, so go with finger foods or foods that only require a fork.  Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand, too.  Lemonade is a nice summer beverage, as is iced tea.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Want to add some decorations to your dinner table?  Let us provide you with some Memorial Day flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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