Sep 26

Anniversary Hotspots in Kansas City

Is your anniversary coming up?  Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, you want to have a great time celebrating your love and your marriage.  There are a number of different things you can do in Kansas City on your anniversary, and here are just a few ideas for the perfect evening.

Need that perfect romantic restaurant for your anniversary dinner?  Kansas City has many great places to eat, and you’re sure to find at least one that serves up your favorite foods.  Here are some of the city’s top restaurants for romance:

•    Aixois
•    Bluestem
•    Californos
•    Le Fou Frog (if you love French food)
•    Manifesto
•    Pierpoints
•    Piropos
•    Room 39
•    Savoy
•    The Shields Manor Bistro

Kansas City is home to more than just places to eat, of course.  The city has some very fun, unique, and yes, even romantic bars and nightclubs.  The Marquee Lounge, for example, features upscale cocktails and a menu full of amazing food.  The venue also features live music and dancing.

The Czar Bar is another great place to take your special someone for your anniversary.  They have regular live bands and play a variety of music.  The bar also offers vegetarian and vegan options for those with special dietary needs.

Looking to get out of the house for your anniversary weekend?  There are a number of great bed and breakfasts in and around Kansas City.  Some people mistakenly believe that B&Bs are incredibly high priced, but some are no more expensive than a nice hotel room.  Why not treat yourself to a weekend getaway?  It’s a great way to focus on each other and celebrating your relationship.

Don’t forget to start off your anniversary the right way with a lovely arrangement of flowers!  We’ve got great anniversary flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Sep 18

Flowers Make Any Day Brighter

Having a bad day or week?  Have things been stressful at work or at home?  If you’re stuck in a downward spiral, there are many ways you can make your day a little brighter.  Flowers can certainly do the trick!  If you need a little bit of sunshine in your life or if you know of someone who does, send them some flowers!

If you’re feeling down, one of the best ways of lifting your spirits is to stop and smell some flowers.  Flowers have this ability of making us feel better.  How?  Well, just the sight of bright, cheery blooms is often enough to make us temporarily forget about our troubles.  The smell also helps lift our spirits.  How can one be sad or depressed when there are such great smelling flowers in the world?

But while their physical traits can be quite uplifting, the main power of flowers is in their ability to make us remember things.  Scent, they say, is perhaps the most powerful sense associate with memory recall.  When we see or smell flowers, we are reminded of where they can from.  This memory can make us feel much better.

If the flowers were a gift from someone, the memory is of that person.  Thinking about him or her can be very moving, especially if the sender is a significant other or close friend.  Even if the flowers came from a co-worker or a business associate, the memory can still make you feel better.  Anyone who took the time to order flowers appreciates you, and just knowing that there’s someone out there who appreciates what you’ve done can be quite uplifting.

Even if the flowers aren’t a gift, they can help make the day brighter.  Put a bouquet of flowers on your desk or in the front lobby of your office and see how many people stop and smile when they see them.

The power of flowers is great, and it’s important to remember that flowers can really brighten someone’s mood.  Next time you know someone needs their spirits lifted, send them flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Sep 12

Keep Some Summer Indoors This Fall

Summer is coming to an end.  In some ways, this is great—it means no more incredibly hot days!  The kids will be headed back to school, and life will return to that scheduled normalcy.  On the other hand, those gorgeous summer days will soon be gone, and shorts will have to be replaced with jackets and jeans.  Life will become full of school events and activities, and falling leaves will replace those bright, beautiful flowers.  But you can capture a bit of that gorgeous summer and keep it indoors this fall to remind you of those amazing months.

One of the best ways of keeping summer indoors is with green plants and baskets.  These beautiful plants will stay green and bright even during the coldest months, especially if you take great care of them and make certain they get enough sunlight and water.  Some of these green plants even flower at certain times during the year, so you can have your bright blooms as well.

In addition to some of the ivy, ferns, and other green plants that are often grown indoors, there are some new popular green plants out there.  Bamboo, for example, is very easy to grow and has become a very trendy green plant.  A bromeliad is also a very unique looking flowering green plant that fits with a more modern décor.  Another fun option is to mix green plants in a basket, creating your own little mini-garden indoors.

Some people prefer to start their green plants from seeds, while others purchase some flowers from a greenhouse.  However, there’s a much easier way to add some bright green plants to your home:  let us deliver them to you!  We have a huge range of green plants for delivery in Kansas City, MO.

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Sep 05

Cheering Up Your Friends Who Aren’t Feeling Well

Being ill is no fun, but even worse is being stuck at home (or in the hospital) all by yourself while you’re feeling horrible.  When friends come by to cheer you up, it can make a huge amount of different in how you feel.  Even a quick phone call from a concerned friend can get your mind off how horrible you feel for a few minutes.  If you’ve got a sick friend or family member, you know they need a little cheering up.  Here are a few things you could do.

Go visit them.  In addition to being able to help them with anything they might need around the house (such as taking the dogs out or making them a snack), just being there will be a big help.  A good visit with a friend will cheer them up and get their mind off the illness.

Before you go visit, give them a call for two reasons.  First, make sure they’re up for visitors.  They may feel so badly that they don’t want visitors.  Second, you can ask if they need anything.  You can stop by the store or run other little errands for them that they might not be able to do.

Offer to bring them lunch or dinner.  If the person lives alone, there may be no one to fix them a can of soup, and they might be so sick that they don’t have the energy to cook.  Sometimes, even walking to the kitchen to microwave something can be exhausting.

If you can’t visit yourself but you know someone else is going to visit them (a co-worker or mutual friend), send something along.  It could be just a simple card or a small snack, but it shows the sick person that people are thinking about them, and that means a lot.

Of course, you can always have us deliver some get well flowers!  We have a huge selection of bright blooms that are sure to help cheer anyone up.  Let us deliver your get well flowers to Kansas City, MO, residents today.

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Aug 29

Labor Day Events in KC

Labor Day is this weekend!  Do you have any plans?  If not, there’s still time find an awesome event in Kansas City to attend.  Here are just a few things going on in KC this coming Labor Day Weekend.

Labor Day weekend is the first day of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  If you love Renaissance fairs, you’ll love this huge festival.  It covers more than 16 acres and includes shops, artists, rides, games, great food, and, of course, many people in costumes.

The Kansas City Royals are planning against the Minnesota Twins.  If you’re a sports fan, here’s your Labor Day weekend activity!

Irish Fest is also taking place this weekend, as it always does.  Centered around the Crown Center, the event features three stages with many different performers and other Irish-themed activities.  Food, of course, will also play a huge part!

Another Labor Day tradition is Santa-Cali-Gon Days, an event held at Historic Square in Independence, Missouri.  This huge festival lasts all weekend and features many different games and live entertainment.  Admission to Santa-Cali-Gon Days is free.

On Labor Day itself, head out to the Shawnee Mission Park to hear the Kansas City Symphony.  Admission to “Pops in the Park” is absolutely free.

If you love cards, the Goodguys 11th Mid-Western Hot Rod & Custom Car Nationals will be held this weekend at the Kansas Speedway.  This kicks off their Speedway Season.

If you will be staying at home this Labor Day, give yourself a bit of a treat and let us deliver flowers to your home in Kansas City, MO.

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Aug 21

Roses Help Convey Your True Feelings

When it comes to conveying your feelings, especially romantic feelings, flowers are definitely one way to go.  However, there’s a different between sending any bouquet of flowers and sending an arrangement of roses.  There’s just something about roses that makes them extra romantic.  Part of it is that roses have always been connected with love and romance.

A dozen red roses say “I love you!” like no other arrangement can.  Of course, other arrangements of roses can also convey romantic feelings.  A single red rose shows interest and is perfect for a first date, while two or three dozen red roses may be appropriate to give your spouse on your anniversary.  Large bouquets of roses are also great for any large romantic gesture, such as proposing.

Roses aren’t just for romantic love any more, though.  You can send roses to anyone!  Just do a little research into what different colored roses mean.  Send yellow roses, which mean friendship, to your friends or coworkers, or send roses of any color to your mom or grandmother.  If you have a teenage daughter, she might enjoy a bouquet of hot pink roses or purple roses.  These bouquets convey your feelings of friendship and familial love just as well as any other type of flower.

If you’re going to send roses to a friend or loved one, why not go to the florist and pick up the flowers yourself?  This way, you give the person a double gift: beautiful flowers and some time with you!  This is especially great if you’re sending roses to someone you haven’t seen in some time or if you want to make a major impression.

Roses are perfect for so many different occasions – graduation, birthday, anniversary, promotions, romance, or just because.  Just pick the color that’s appropriate and send them!  You can send roses any time of the year to anyone.  Say you love them or that you’re simply thinking about them, but send roses in Kansas City, MO, to someone special!

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Aug 15

You Don’t Need a Reason to Send Flowers

Many people send flowers for special occasions, such as an anniversary, birthday, promotion, or any other celebratory event.  But you don’t really need a reason to send someone flowers, do you?  Do you need a reason to smile at someone?  No, and sending flowers is very similar.  Those bright bouquets are just like a bright smile, and you don’t need any particular reason to make someone happy.

Some people might find it strange to randomly get a bouquet of flowers for no reason.  If you really want to justify sending flowers, you can write something like “These are for being my friend” or “Thinking of you!” on the card.

What kind of “just because” flowers should you send?  Well, it really doesn’t matter that much.  If you know what the recipient’s favorite flowers are, that’s a good way to go.  If not, pick something cheery and bright.  Everyone loves happy, bright flowers!  If you’re sending the flowers to your spouse, roses and other romantic flowers are always a good option.  If you’re really not sure, ask your florist for some suggestions.  They always know what will make people smile.

Let us help you send some just because flowers in Kansas City, MO.  We have many different options!

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Aug 07

Tips for that Special Anniversary Date

Is your anniversary coming up?  If it is, you should start making plans now so that special day will be absolutely perfect.  Here are a few tips that might help make your anniversary date feel really special.

If you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, you might want to share it with your friends and family.  For example, many people do huge parties for their 25th or 50th anniversaries.  But you don’t have to wait for these milestones.  If you want, you can have parties for every anniversary.  You can host anything from small dinner parties to large gatherings.

On the other hand, one romantic way of celebrating your anniversary is to have a special night just for the two of you.  If you have kids, have them spend the night with their grandparents or at a friend’s house so you have the time alone.  Turn off your phones and make sure there are no interruptions.  You can have a romantic dinner together and really focus on the two of you.  Sometimes, you can get so caught up in your daily lives that you don’t realize just how long it’s been since you and your spouse had an evening alone.  It can truly feel magical!

What you do on your anniversary is completely up to you because it’s your anniversary!  No one can tell you that you’re doing it wrong.  Feel free to do any activity that is special to the two of you.  If your first date was at a fast food restaurant and you want to re-create that for your 50th, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t.  The most important thing is to do something that is special to the two of you, no matter how crazy or even dumb other people might think it is.  It’s the feelings and emotions the activity stirs in the two of you that’s important, not what you’re actually doing.

Just remember to make your anniversary personal, romantic, and intimate.  Make sure the entire date focuses on the two of you and your relationship.  That’s really what an anniversary is—a celebration of the two of you.

Let us help make that celebration a little more exciting with some amazing anniversary flowers in Kansas City, MO.

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Jul 31

When Sending Smaller Flower Bouquets Makes Sense

If you’re thinking of sending someone flowers, you may immediately think that you need to go with the biggest and fanciest arrangement your budget can cover.  But that’s not always true.  Sometimes, sending a smaller flower bouquet actually makes more sense.  This is especially true if you send the right flowers or send the bouquet at the right time.

Sending the right flowers is always important when sending an arrangement.  Suppose someone doesn’t like roses (some people don’t).  You’ll get a better response by sending a small arrangement of daisies than you would sending a dozen roses.  In fact, if you send the person a small bouquet of their favorite flowers, it shows you know them better.  This always makes a better impression than sending something traditional.

Sending flowers at the right time is also important.  Timing can make up for size, especially if the sentiment comes from the heart.  A small bouquet of her favorite flowers on her birthday or anniversary is a good example.  A small bouquet is also great for a “just because” gift where large arrangements may be a bit too much.

A small bouquet is also sometimes the more appropriate choice.  If you’re sending a thank you arrangement to a co-worker or a business acquaintance, a large bouquet is probably a bit much.  A smaller bouquet is more appropriate and will adequately say thank you or congratulations without being too much.  You don’t want to create an awkward situation by sending a large arrangement that might imply a bit more than you intended.  Other times, people don’t have a lot of room for flowers.  New mothers, for example, sometimes get so many gifts and bouquets that they just don’t have room for any more.

We have a number of different small flower arrangements in Kansas City, MO, that may be exactly perfect for your next flower-sending occasion.

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Jul 25

Spice Up a Summer Romance

Want to spice up your summer romance?  Add some sizzle?  If you’re finding your summer romance is starting to fizzle out halfway through, here are a few different ways you can add some extra spice to it!

Do something unexpected.  Shake things up.  This might mean planning a surprise date where your partner doesn’t know what the plan is, or it might mean buying some revealing lingerie.  You don’t even have to do anything major—if your spouse is out one day, clean the entire house, do the laundry, and handle any other little chores.  This unexpected treat might not seem romantic, but it can certainly lead to a very hot night.

Cook your sweetie’s favorite meal.  Nothing shows someone how much you love them than cooking up a full meal just for them.  Include some candles and wine and you’ve got a great recipe for love.

Get rid of the distractions.  If you want a sizzling romantic night, get rid of anything that might get between the two of you.  Turn off the TV, your cell phones, the internet…just be together without anyone or anything else getting in the way.  If you have kids, even see about letting them spend the night with their grandparents or friends.

One major part of summer is the heat, and no one feels sexy when they’re sweating.  One way of making your romance hotter is to keep cool.  Crank up your AC and curl up with a movie you both love.  If movies aren’t your thing, you could always take turns reading your favorite book aloud or play a few games.  Maybe a few hands of strip poker?

Find the perfect romantic spot.  Even if you live in the most unromantic place on earth, you can find some place to shave a romantic moment.  Look for a great sunset or walk through the park.  If you’re near a beach or a breathtaking mountain view, pack a picnic and go.

Let us help you add some sizzle to your romance with a beautiful flower arrangement in Kansas City, MO!

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