Mar 06

Bring the Springtime Indoors with Flowers

Are you tired of the drab colors of winter?  People actually get seasonal affection disorder because the winter months are dark, drab, and just no fun!  Now that we’re on the verge of spring, it’s time to drive the drab out of your home.  Pull out those brightly colored throw pillows, put a cheery tablecloth on the table, and add some beautiful spring flowers to your home or office.  In no time at all you’ll notice you feel happier and more relaxed thanks to this touch of spring.

Spring flowers add a great touch to any room.  You can put them in your entryway to show your guests that you’re ready to start the spring season!  Place them in your living room or den to make the room seem brighter and full of cheer.  Flowers on your nightstand can put you in a great mood when you wake up, while flowers in the dining room give your meals a light spring feel.  Don’t forget the office, either—flowers have been shown to help people de-stress and feel happier, and that’s always a plus at work.

Of course, once spring is truly here, you’ll see spring flowers everywhere.  But it’s not quite here yet.  There’s always the chance we’ll get a late March freeze.  However, we’ve got some great spring flowers already in stock!  If you want to see spring now, order one of our gorgeous spring flower arrangements in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 27

Flowers Bring the Sunshine Indoors!

During the cold winter months, everything can seem dull and drab.  Part of it is the cold.  It makes it difficult to spend a lot of time outdoors, so it can seem like you’re stuck in your home.  If you’re tired of seeing nothing but snow and ice, how about bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside with some fresh flowers?

It’s been shown in several scientific studies that flowers can actually make you happier.  The smell, the sight, and even the touch of flowers can stir the memory, bringing up pleasant thoughts of the person who sent them and making people feel loved.  Flowers can turn your mood around during the winter, when many people are affected by seasonal affective disorder.

What is seasonal affective disorder?  It’s the technical term for what you might refer to as the winter blues or winter depression.  It truly is a medical condition that is brought about by changes in sunlight, temperature, and other changes that occur in the winter.  Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder but never realize it or have it diagnosed because it’s not severe.  They just feel a little slower in the winter and want to sleep a little bit more.

For these people, there’s really no need to buy the expensive light therapy machines or go on any kind of medication.  Instead, a little pick-me-up every now and then is perfect.  Flowers are a great way of combating mild seasonal affective disorder.  If you have more severe symptoms, however, you may need to talk to your doctor.

Let us help banish those winter blues by delivering some bright flowers to you in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 20

Birthdays and Surprises

Birthdays and surprises seem to go hand in hand.  Sometimes even the party is a surprise.  Of course, you know your birthday is coming up, but you don’t always know what’s going to happen, and you rarely know what gifts you’ll get.  You have to admit that even if you hate surprises, they can be kind of fun every now and then.  Your birthday is one of those times.

You might be able to tell if you’re about to get a surprise party.  Usually, no one brings up plans for your birthday or asks if you’re doing anything because they already know.  You might then have someone ask you to do something on your birthday or on the weekend closest to it.  If your significant other suddenly wants to go out shopping or to see a movie, it could be a sign you’re about to get a surprise party.

Even if you hate surprise parties, they do present the opportunity to sit back and enjoy yourself without having to worry about planning, taking care of food or the cake, and cleaning up afterwards.  You really get to just relax and celebrate your birthday.

Gifts are another fun birthday surprise.  Some people are hard to shop for, and if you’re one of these people, you might have an idea of what people are going to get you because they’ve asked what you might want or need.  Other people may not like handing out birthday lists, so for them, every gift is a surprise.

We can help you surprise the birthday person with a lovely bouquet of birthday flowers delivered in Kansas City, MO.

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Feb 12

Our Favorite Romantic Movies

With Valentine’s Day almost here, many people are in the romantic mood.  But what if you aren’t quite feeling that Valentine’s spirit yet?  Well, one way to get into the romantic mood is to watch some of your favorite romantic movies.  Here are a few of our favorite romantic films.

The Notebook.  Sure, it’s become known as that romantic movie that women make men suffer through, but this film based on the Nicholas Sparks novel is full of romance.  It stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the romantic couple.

Love Actually.  This movie features eight different couples whose lives intercede.  They love, lose, and find new hope throughout the film, which stars a number of everyone’s favorite actors.

Sleepless in Seattle.  Who hasn’t seen this movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?  While some romantic movies will be forgotten a few years after they’re released, Sleepless in Seattle is destined to find a place on that list of all-time great films.

Pretty Woman.  The movie that made Julia Roberts a household name has become many people’s romantic favorite.  The chemistry between Roberts and leading man Richard Gere is sure to put you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Notting Hill.  Julia Roberts returns, this time playing (of all things) a popular American actress.  She falls in love with a bookstore owner (played by Hugh Grant).  But can their romance survive being under the spotlight of the media?

What romantic movies are your favorites?  Let us know if we missed a great one.

Haven’t ordered your Valentine’s Day flowers in Kansas City yet?  There’s still time, but hurry…otherwise, you may find yourself starring in a tragedy instead of a romance!

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Feb 04

Make Valentine’s Day Romantic Again

Are you tired of doing the same thing every year on Valentine’s Day?  While some people enjoy that kind of tradition, others find that it can get pretty boring after a few years.  The romance starts to fade year after year of doing the same thing, so it’s time to make Valentine’s Day romantic again!  Here are a few ways of doing so.

1)    Don’t go out.  The traditional Valentine’s Day date involves going out to dinner at a romantic restaurant and going to some sort of event.  Why get out in the mad rush of people?  Stay in instead.  Cook your favorite meal or get take out.  You could have a picnic on the floor or eat in front of the TV while watching your favorite romantic movie.

2)    Go out of your way to get her a personal gift.  You don’t have to spend a lot, but get her something that has meaning to her or to the two of you as a couple.  Jewelry is always nice, of course, but it’s not a requirement.

3)    Make a Valentine’s Day game.  Lead her on a scavenger hunt or change things up mid-date to surprise her.

4)    Spend some time reminiscing about your life together.  Look through old photo albums or, if you’re married, watch your wedding video.

If you’re going to have a great Valentine’s Day date, it needs to start off right.  What better way to get your date off on the right foot than by giving her one of our amazing Valentine’s Day arrangements delivered in Kansas City, MO.

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Jan 17

Little Things that Promote Big Smiles

What makes you smile?  There are probably several things that come to mind, and you’re probably smiling right now just thinking about them.  Smiling makes us happy, and it can help get you out of a bad depression and turn your day around.  Need to smile?  Here are some little things that might make you turn that frown upside down.

•    Eat your favorite meal or have one of your favorite tasty snacks.

•    Spend some time with your pet.  Playing fetch with your dog or making your cat chase a laser pointer is sure to make you smile.

•    Have a cup of coffee, your favorite tea, or a soda.

•    Watch your favorite guilty pleasure movie or TV show.

•    Work on one of your hobbies.

•    Go out to a movie.

•    Have dinner delivered instead of cooking.

•    Read a book by your favorite author.

These are all fairly little things, but they can put a big smile on your face.

Know what else is sure to make you smile?  Flowers!  Let us deliver a great bouquet of flowers to you in Kansas City, MO.

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Dec 27

New Year Resolutions for Peace

New Year’s Eve is approaching, which means it’s time to make your 2013 New Year’s resolution.  Now you could resolve to do something like quit smoking, exercise more, or be better with your money.  However, many people make a New Year resolution for peace.  This resolution is often more powerful or personal than some other resolution.  This is because making a resolution for peace can be much more difficult.  It often requires a major shift in how you live your life and treat others.

On a personal level, resolving to be more peaceful can mean a lot of things.  You may want to try to be more grounded and less stressed during the year.  This means learning how to relax and let things go.  Don’t hold on to grudges or worry over the little (or large) things that you have absolutely no control over.  That’s not to say that you can’t be proactive in your life, but you must realize what you can change and what you can only deal with.

You can also resolve to be a more peaceful person to others.  This means trying not to take your anger out on those who don’t deserve it.  It can also mean controlling your anger even when someone does deserve it!  This inner change can be very difficult to achieve, but if you can do it, it will transform your life.

On a larger note, you can make a resolution to help facilitate peace worldwide.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, unless you’re in a position of some power, it means you’ll have to make little changes.  For example, you might resolve to buy only food from free range farms, or you might make donations to the Red Cross or to groups that are working towards women’s rights in other countries.  This type of change may be inconvenient at first, or it might cost you more money, but eventually, you will adapt to it and it will seem like you’ve always done it.

These are just a few ways you can make a resolution for peace.  What will your New Year’s resolution be?

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Dec 21

Our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

Have you been listening to Christmas songs?  Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a great holiday carol to get you in the mood.  There are a ton of Christmas songs out there, and your top ten is likely to be different than ours, but here are ten holiday songs we really love.

1.    Santa Claus is Coming to Town – it’s an oldie but a goodie.  This song has been recorded by many different people, starting with Bruce Springsteen in 1975.

2.    Happy Christmas (War is Over) – while it started as a protest song during the Vietnam War, this classic by John and Yoko the Plastic Ono Band has become a holiday favorite.

3.    Wonderful Christmas Time – if you’re simply having a wonderful Christmas time, it may be because you’ve been listening to this song by Paul McCartney & Wings.

4.    I’ll be Home for Christmas – first recorded by Bing Crosby in 1943, this song has provided comfort and reassurance for anyone separated from their loved ones during the holiday season.  The 2007 recording by Josh Groban is a popular modern interpretation.

5.    Walking in A Winter Wonderland – who doesn’t want to stroll through the amazing scenes painted by this song?  Dean Martin puts us all in the mood to make a snowman!

6.    All I Want for Christmas – Mariah Carey created a new holiday sensation with this pop Christmas song.  Just because it’s a more recent tune doesn’t mean it lacks the spirit of Christmas.

7.    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Sinatra.  Christmas.  What more do you need?

8.    Carol of the Bells – while it’s not a song you go around singing by yourself, it’s still an awesome piece.  Did you know that it’s actually based on a traditional folk chant from the Ukraine?

9.    Pachelbel’s Canon in D – again, another holiday song you may not sing while caroling, but the version of Johann Pachelbel’s most famous work performed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is perhaps the most well-known piece by the group.

10.    The Twelve Day of Christmas – this classic Christmas song has been around for centuries.  The earliest publication of the carol was in 1780, and there’s some evidence that indicates it may have been sung in France decades before that.  Everyone knows this song, although we don’t know who in their right mind would give someone a live partridge in a pear tree as a gift.

These are ten of the most memorable and catchy Christmas songs.  Do you have any traditional carols you love to sing or listen to during the holiday season?

Once you’ve got your music playing, you need some Christmas flowers in Kansas City, MO, to really get your home ready for the holidays!  There’s still time to order, but hurry!

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Dec 16

Celebrate Christmas in Kansas City

Spending your Christmas in Kansas City?  There’s plenty to do this holiday season in KC, including some great traditional events and some new activities as well.  Here are just a few of the holiday events going on this winter in Kansas City.

Christmas in the Park at Longview Lake is a great activity that involves little cost and a lot of fun.  Load up the car and head out to Longview Lake, where you’ll see over 300,000 Christmas lights and more than 175 animated figures.  It may take you a couple of hours to drive through the park due to the slow moving traffic, but it’s well worth it.  Bring along some hot chocolate and some snacks for the kids to really make the trip fun.  Don’t forget the holiday music, either!

Want to go ice skating this holiday season?  Head over to Crown Center Ice Terrace, while offers ice skating from November through March.  The terrace also offers a great view of the Mayor’s Christmas Tree.  Admission is $6, but those under 4 or over 60 get in for free.  Skate rental is only $3, but you can bring your own if you like.  If you go on Tuesday after 5 p.m., you can take advantage of the two-for-one special and get two admissions for the price of one.  Note that this doesn’t include skate rental.

While you’re at the Crown Center, you might want to visit Santa’s Gingerbread Village.  This entire village is made out of edible gingerbread and features a reindeer stable, Santa’s sleigh, the elves dorm, and Santa’s home.  Admission is free, and the village is open during the Crown Center’s regular hours.

For those looking for a holiday show in Kansas City, the Kansas City Repertory Theatre is performing A Christmas Carol through December 26th.  This holiday classic is based on the story by Charles Dickens.

Another great show is The Nutcracker, a traditional Christmas story performed by the Kansas City Ballet.  It will be performed December 18th through the 23th at the Music Hall.  You can purchase tickets through the website.

Don’t forget to put in your order for some beautiful Christmas flowers in Kansas City, MO, to turn your own home into a gorgeous holiday spectacular.

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Dec 11

Holiday Gifts from Your Florist

One of the more challenging and costly aspects of the holiday season is sending gifts to your friends and family who live out of state.  Not only does this limit the gifts you can get for them, but it also limits your budget because you have to include paying for shipping.  If you get something fragile, it could get broken in the mail, and edible foods are also risky.  Large, heavy items cost a lot to ship, too, so you usually leave out books and big toys.  That doesn’t leave a lot.  If you’re looking for something for adults, here’s an idea: send them flowers.

Why?  There are a number of reasons.  A lot of people simply buy what they want when they see it, so they don’t have a long Christmas list to give out.  Others may not want a lot of stuff cluttering up their homes, and while they appreciate gifts, it’s always a bit of a chore for them to find a place to put them.  With flowers, they get to appreciate your thoughtfulness, enjoy the beautiful flowers for a number of days, and then they can reuse the vase.

Another reason a gift from a florist is a great option is that you don’t have to ship it.  Many florists are a part of a network like Teleflora.  This means you can order an arrangement through these networks and have it fulfilled by one of their partners.  All of these florists know how to make many of the arrangements they advertise (of course, there are some local specialties that aren’t available elsewhere).  Nothing is actually shipped through the mail at all, saving you that cost.

But what if you want the person to have a tangible gift that they can keep, something other than a simple vase?  Many florists have products that feature unique, large vases.  For example, one holiday favorite is an arrangement that comes in a large ceramic ornament.  This ornament can become a part of the holiday décor that your friend or relative will use every year.  Some of the centerpieces come with glass candle holders that can also be kept and used long after the flowers are gone.  Green plants can be planted and nurtured for years.

If you can’t decide on what to buy and ship to your long-distance gift recipients, think about flowers.  We’ve got some amazing Christmas arrangements in Kansas City, MO, that would make great gifts.

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