Apr 13

Remember to Thank Your Administrative Professionals

Administrative professionals work very hard all year around.  They are often the key contact people for major events and the day to day operation of your business, plus they are the people who keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes.  Since 1952, businesses across the world have honored these hard-working individuals during Administrative Professionals Week.

Administrative Professionals Week is the final week of April.  This year, that’s April 18 through 24.  While it’s appropriate to show your appreciation all week, April 21 is specifically set aside as Administrative Professionals Day, so if you’re going to send your administrative assistant flowers, that would be the day to do it. 

In addition to surprising your administrative professional with a large, bright bouquet of flowers, you may also think about taking him or her out to lunch, giving them a day off, or surprising him or her with a party.

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Apr 06

Springtime Fun in Kansas City

Ready for some springtime fun in Kansas City?  There are many great attractions in the city for you and your family to enjoy.  Here are just a few of the best attractions for you to enjoy this spring.

The Crown Center in the heart of Kansas City is a great place to start your springtime adventure.  They have a great number of different dining options, plus the center features three live theatres and a huge movie complex.  Next door to the Crown Center is Union Station, a historic landmark that houses Science City.  This attraction is a hands-on science center that kids will enjoy.

If you’d rather go outdoors, the Overland Park Arboretum features 300 acres of trees, flowers, and nature.  More than 80 percent of the park is natural ecosystem, while the remaining part of the garden features botanical gardens, a visitor’s center, and a conservatory.  You can wander through the Erickson Water Garden, the Monet Garden, and a learning arboretum.  The arboretum also features many different hiking and walking trails.

A visit to the Kansas City zoo can also be a great springtime activity for families.  The zoo has more than 200 acres and over 1,000 animals, including elephants, kangaroos, camels, and more.  Several new additions, including an indoor rainforest, new viewing decks, and a lion viewing area are now open, and a polar bear exhibit is planned for 2010.

If you need to cool down on a hot spring day, Oceans of Fun is a great destination.  This water theme park features a 72 foot super slide, a water funhouse with cannons and rope bridges, and a 2,000 square foot spray ground for the kids.  For a more relaxing time, you can float down the Caribbean Cooler or visit the Castaway Cove and its swim-up cabana.

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Mar 30

Easter Flowers and Traditions

There are several different flowers and traditions associated with the Easter holiday.  Here are just a few of them.


The Easter lily is, of course, the traditional flower of Easter.  Easter lilies are generally white and represent goodness and purity.  For Christians, the Easter lily represents the purity and perfection of Jesus.

Another flower that is often given or used during Easter is the passion flower.  It generally lasts for about three days, which correspond to the three days that Jesus spent in his tomb.  The three stamens of the passion flower also represent the three crosses on the hill or the three nail wounds of Christ.

Other flowers that are used during Easter time for decoration are azaleas, tulips, and daisies.


One of the most traditional events of Easter is, of course, the Easter egg hunt.  According to traditions, the first egg hunts may have been held back in 3000 B.C. by the Persians or the Egyptians.  They also colored and decorated eggs as a way of celebrating the first of spring. 

The Easter bunny originated with the pagan festival of Eastre, a goddess.  Her symbol was a rabbit.  Easter baskets are used to collect eggs during egg hunts, but traditionally, Easter baskets represented the area where the Easter bunny laid its eggs.

Two other animals are generally associated with Easter: the lamb and the chick.  The lamb is another symbol of Jesus, while the chick breaking out of its shell is a representation of his resurrection.

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Mar 23

Why Sending Flowers to Celebrate is a Great Idea

People send flowers for many reasons: sympathy, to say thanks, and to show how much a person is loved.  Another great reason to send someone flowers is to celebrate.  Flowers can be a great way to celebrate a birthday, a promotion, a job well done, or just to celebrate being friends.  But why is sending flowers a great way of celebrating?  There are several reasons.

One reason is that flowers make people happy.  It has been shown that seeing and smelling fresh flowers have a positive effect on people’s emotions.  Sending someone flowers to celebrate does more than just show that you are celebrating their success with them—it has a lasting effect.  They will see the flowers for the next week or so and smile each time they do. 

Celebrating with flowers is also a good option when the recipient either has just about everything you can think to get them or doesn’t want a lot of clutter in their home.  Flowers are always appreciated, and after they have faded, they leave behind only the container they came in.  A person can keep this vase or other container to reuse, or they can pass it on to someone else (perhaps with some fresh flowers from their garden).  Either way, flower containers generally take up very little space.

Some people simply prefer to get flowers than other gifts.  This is sometimes especially true if they live in a small apartment or are elderly and live in an assisted living center.  Sometimes, these places seem rather tiny, dark, and maybe even a little depressing.  For the elderly in a care facility, this can be especially true.  Flowers are a great way of brightening up a place and bringing in a bit of fresh air and color.  Never underestimate how powerful a bright bouquet of flowers is.  As mentioned above, since flowers last a week or more, your gift will be appreciated for several days.

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Mar 15

Planning a Romantic Date Night in Kansas City

HW0_34531Planning a Romantic Date Night in Kansas City Planning a romantic date night for you and your special someone? If you’re living in Kansas City and looking for something that will impress him or her, here are a few ideas for creating that special night.

There are a number of great romantic restaurants in Kansas City. If you want to really impress your significant other, you might want to go with Le Fou Frog, a French bistro located near the downtown river market. The cozy tables are lit by candles, and the menu is constantly changing as the chef creates great new dishes.

Californos is another popular romantic restaurant. It offers a great view and a nice, warm fireplace that warms up those chilly winter nights. Some tables are recessed into small nooks so you can enjoy a romantic dinner in almost near-privacy. The restaurant also features a very extensive wine list.

Attending an event at the Starlight Theatre in Swope Park can also be a great romantic opportunity. They bring in a number of different types of entertainment thorugh the summer, including great concerts. Before or after the show, you can also take a stroll through the park. In fact, strolling through any park in Kansas City can be a great romantic date. You could pack a picnic dinner, then watch the sun set and the stars come out.

Of course, no date night is complete without a few surprises. Pick up a nice bouquet of flowers to give her at the beginning of the date, especially if you are picking her up. Don’t forget to dress to impress, too. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit, but take a bit of time to make sure you look good. Remember, too, to make this date night personal. Any little personal touch such as going to a favorite restaurant or surprising him or her with tickets to a favorite musician is a sure way of making your romantic date night a success.

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Mar 10

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Kansas City

HW0_207810If you live in Kansas City or are going to be visiting the area around March 17, you might enjoy getting in on some of the great St. Patrick’s Day events going on in the city.  There are a variety of different traditions that KC has for celebrating this Irish holiday, and while some of them do include drinking green beer, there are activities for the entire family as well.  Just don’t forget to wear your green or you might get pinched!

The biggest event, of course, is the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.  It takes place on the day itself, March 17, and it starts around 11:00 a.m.  It’s scheduled to last until 1:00 p.m. or so, depending on how quickly the various floats and such move.  The parade follows the traditional route down Broadway from 33rd Street to 43rd Street.  This year’s Grand Marshal is Irishman Ian Byrne, the lead singer for The Elders and the owner of Byrne Custom Woodworking.

There are a number of different pubs and bars holding St. Patrick’s Day events, of course.  One of the most popular is Kelly’s Westport Inn.  Their traditional celebration is full of live music and other fun entertainment.  You can enjoy a pint at the bar or go out on Randal’s Rooftop, a large open deck that provides quite a view.  Other places to hang out include O’dowd’s Little Dublin, Mike Kelly’s, the Gaf, and Lew’s.  All feature live music and other entertainment.

For those who really want to party, the Martini Corner’s Street Party offers up five different bars and music all day long.  It’s held at 31st and Oak and promises a great time for anyone who loves dancing.  Likewise, the Power and Light District will be holding their Shamrocks and Shenanigans party starting at 6:00 a.m. with their Kegs and Eggs event.

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Mar 03

Welcome Spring Inside!

Showcase a blooming plant on a coffee table or off-season fireplace nook. Kalanchoes bloom in several colors and are easy houseplants that require little attention.

Scent your home with florals, fruit, or fresh linen smells available in air fresheners, air filter add-ons (available at hardware stores), or candles. The sense of smell is powerful, so don’t ignore this chance to express a fragrance that means spring to you.

Change art to spring themes. If you have original art, prints, posters or photos that reflect spring in any way, put it on display! Whether hung on the wall or grouped in frames, color and form in art can transform a room. In a pinch or if you’re just feeling creative, make your own art and proudly display it.

Add bright color. Whether adding a bright yellow throw blanket, an orange and teal tray, or painting an accent wall of a room, color can definitely be an ally in the move to spring. Bright doesn’t have to be overwhelming, either. Small changes, such as coasters or a picture frame, can do a lot.

Change tabletop/mantel display. Use fresh botanicals from your garden (or a neighbor’s) to line a mantle or dining table, even a dresser.

Small area rugs in spring colors can perk up a room, especially when anchored with a beautiful chair or side table. Since the weather will be getting warmer, won’t the rugs feel great on your bare feet?

Lighten up! This can mean grouping some citrus candles of various heights, buying a new shade for an older lamp, or simply rearranging the lights and lamps in your rooms. Don’t forget about reflective surfaces such as mirror and glass, too. Make the most of the increased natural light coming through your windows.

Rotate books. Adding a couple of coffee table books on travel, seascapes, landscapes or cloudscapes can provide art for the table and enliven the spirit at the same time. These books are often available in bargain bins at major book retailers or at your local thrift store. Who knows? With the money you saved, it might lead you to make some travel plans!

Read more at Suite101: Bring Spring Indoors, Change Your Style: 10 Quick, Cheap Ways to Invite Spring Into Your Home

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Feb 25

If Roses Were Kings and Lilies Were Queens: How World Peace Could Be Achieved

HW0_34684World peace: an impossible idea?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps such a thing has already been achieved in some fantastic other world, a world watched over by King Rose and Queen Lily.  These benevolent rulers wasted no time in bringing peace to their kingdom and the world beyond, and they didn’t need any miracles to do it…only a dash of Miracle Grow.

King Rose’s first decree was that flowers were to be placed in every home and every building around the world on a regular basis.  These flowers were to be replaced as soon as they started to look worn or tired.  Flowers, the wise ruler knew, made people happy.  All one had to do was stop to smell them every now and then and much of that built-up stress, resentment, anger, negativity, and even tiredness would fade away.  Why, just the sight of a cheery bouquet of flowers was enough to make a person smile! 

Queen Lily looked around the world and saw people starving.  Seeing people go hungry broke the kind queen’s heart, and she called for farmers from around the world to come to her court.  She asked them how they could go about growing more food so that there would be enough for everyone.  The farmers answered that one way would be for people to grow gardens, but few people wanted to grow ugly vegetables.  The queen was distraught by this, for even though they weren’t as pretty, she loved her vegetable cousins as much as she loved her flower sisters. 

Thinking on this gave the queen an idea, and she called for her royal seamstresses.  Sewing day and night, they made beautiful flower dresses and suits for all the vegetables in the land.  After seeing the vegetables dresses to the nines, people around the world wanted them in their flower beds.  The flowers already there scooted over and welcomed their newly adorned vegetable friends with open arms, and thus hunger was cured.

Disease and illness was another threat to the world, but King Rose and Queen Lily called forth some of the more mysterious members of the flower community.  These members lived deep in the rainforests or on far-away peaks, but they came and donated their own special pollens and saps.  These ingredients were studied by some of the world’s top scientists and doctors, and soon, they were creating medicines to cure every type of disease out there.  Before long, patients who had been very ill were leaping out of their sick beds and dancing with joy.

And so it was in this magical land of flora that King Rose and Queen Lily achieved world peace.  Their people wanted for nothing, and it was all thanks to the glorious beauty of flowers.

Copyright 2010 Village Gardens Florist

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Feb 17

Brighten Your Mood With Colorful Spring Flowers

HW0_104295It’s no secret that people get depressed during the bland winter months.  There’s actually a name for it—Seasonal Affective Disorder.  This is a diagnosed type of depression that affects many people, and the cause is unknown, although some speculation has to do with various hormones and the change in the amount of sunlight.  Even if you don’t have this issue, a lot of people get the winter blues.  However, there’s one great way of adding a bit of cheer to the dull winter months and giving you a bit of a pick me up: get a nice arrangement of colorful spring flowers!

With spring right around the corner, there’s no better time than to bring some gorgeous flowers into your home.  Sunflowers, lilies, daisies, irises, carnations, mums, chrysanthemums…the list goes on and on.  All of these brightly colored flowers will have you in a better mood in just a few minutes.  You can place them in the center of your table to bring a touch of spring to your dining room or put them on an end table in your living room so you can enjoy them while you relax. 

You might not think that flowers would make that much difference in your mood, but studies have actually shown that they do.  A study done by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, showed that flowers actually can trigger positive emotions.  It wasn’t just a short-term effect, either; participants in the study found themselves feeling less anxious and depressed days after receiving flowers.  This effect was felt by people of all ages, and those who received flowers were more likely to want to have contact with others.  Next time you start to feel the need to withdraw from the cold, wintry world, order yourself an arrangement of spring flowers.  They will brighten up your home and your mood in no time.

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Feb 12

Don’t Disappoint Her This Year! Focus on Feelings!

HW0_247396Men, have you felt like (or been flat out told) that you failed at Valentine’s Day?  This holiday can be one of the most frustrating for guys because it seems like it’s a minefield.  Forget flowers?  You may be sleeping on the couch!  Got her chocolate?  Well, she eats them, but then she complains that you’re making her fat.  Uh-oh…is there any way to win?  Yes!  This year, don’t disappoint her.  Instead of focusing on what you get her, focus on the feelings behind each gift and activity.

Going out to an expensive restaurant for dinner, for example, may be an OK event, but what if you spent the time cooking her favorite meal?  That shows several things.  One, it speaks to your knowledge of what she likes.  Two, it shows that you’re willing to put in a little extra work to woo her.  It also gives you the chance to really show off your romantic side by sitting a table that features roses, candles, and good china (or at least something other than paper plates). 

Getting a gift to go with your bouquet of flowers (and yes, you should definitely send her flowers or bring a bouquet home with you) is a great idea, but again, the more personal the gift, the better.  If she likes stuffed teddy bears, great, but if she doesn’t, don’t pick one up just because it seems like you should.  Some women would rather get a box of chocolates, although if your significant other is dieting, this may be a bad idea. 

No matter what you do, don’t just do something because it seems traditional and expected.  Go out of your way to really think about each and every thing you plan for this Valentine’s Day.  Incorporate little touches like her favorite flower, favorite wine, or favorite activities.  Or do something unexpected.  For example, plan a romantic scavenger hunt that starts when she comes home and finds a single red rose with the first clue attached to it.  The clue could have her searching the bedroom for a gift and the next clue.  This clue might send her to a store where you’ve pre-arranged to have another gift waiting.  The clue there could send her to meet you at a restaurant for dinner.  It’s fun, different, and shows that you’ve put a lot of thought into Valentine’s Day.

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