Jul 27

Romance Tips for a Special Evening

Enjoy a special evening with your special someone.

Enjoy a special evening with your special someone.

Are you planning a romantic evening for your special someone?  If you are, you want the evening to go off perfectly.  Your significant other should feel special, you should both have fun, and at the end of the night, your relationship should be stronger or reinforced.  So how do you make that special evening come together?  Here are a few tips.

-Make reservations.  If you’re going out to dinner, especially on a busy night, always have a reservation.  Nothing can destroy your evening like your plans falling apart.

-Bring her flowers.  Even if it’s just a single red rose, it’ll get the date off on a good start.

-Surprise her.  The day of the date or a few days before, have flowers sent to her at work.  Put something like “can’t wait to see you” or “really looking forward to our date” on the card.

-Have a contingency plan.  Going to have a picnic in the park?  What if it rains?  Have a backup just in case.

-Compliment her.  Let her know how beautiful she looks.

-Avoid touchy subjects.  Some people don’t like discussing politics, especially if your views clash.  Try to keep the conversation focused on things you have in common or that you can discuss without getting upset.

-Don’t overindulge yourself.  If you’re having drinks, know your limit.  Nothing kills the romance like getting drunk.

-Staying in?  You can make that incredibly romantic as well.  Create a music list with romantic songs or music you both like to play softly in the background during dinner.

-Are you cooking?  If so, go with something you know she will like.

-Candle light.  How much more romantic can you get?

-Have fun!  This is a romantic evening for the two of you.  You should both enjoy it.  Laugh, smile, and don’t stress over the evening.  If you let the date take its natural course, chances are everything will fall into place.

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Jul 20

Cheer Someone Up Today



Everyone gets sad or has a bad day now and then.  When this happens to our friends, our family, or our co-workers, we want to do whatever we can to cheer them up.  Sometimes it’s hard.  Cheering someone up after they’ve lost a loved one or just received bad news about their health, for example, is very difficult.  However, sometimes it is possible to make someone smile when they need it.

Little things can cheer someone up.  Just saying good morning or smiling might be enough to make someone a little happier than they were before.  People like to know others care about them, so an acknowledgement of any type can make someone cheerful.  Stop and chat for a moment, hold the door for someone, or just make eye contact.  Sometimes this is all that’s needed to give someone a little boost.

Of course, sometimes more is needed.  Sometimes you need to send flowers or give someone a small little pick-me-up gift like chocolate or cookies.  These little treats can help cheer someone up and make them, at least temporarily, forget about the bad news or event that has gotten them down.  Flowers or cookies might not make the world a perfect place, but they can help for a few minutes.  Sometimes those few minutes are key in helping someone through the bad times.

Another way to really cheer someone up is to spend some time with them.  Take them out to lunch or dinner, or invite them over to your home for a movie or other activity.  Sometimes people need to be distracted from whatever has them depressed, and there’s nothing like spending time with someone to do that. 

No matter what you do, your friend, relative, or co-worker will be thankful for your help.  By providing a little cheer in their otherwise dreary day will really help them, and you can be sure they will repay the favor the next time you need a little cheering up.

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Jul 12

Giving Someone Else a Smile Makes YOU Feel Good Too

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to say angry or upset when you’re smiling?  There’s just something about smiling that makes people feel so much better.  But sometimes it can be really hard to get that first smile out when you’re in a horrible mood.  How do you do it?  Sometimes, seeing someone else smile at you can do the trick.  If you’re on the other side of the coin and in a good mood, smile at people.  You might be the one to pull them out of their bad mood!

While it might sound easy enough to smile at someone and make their day, it’s not always that simple.  What if you’re in a bad mood yourself?  Smiling isn’t easy, and you might not be able to find something to be happy about.  In that case, just do your best.  Remember that by smiling at someone, you’ll feel good, too.  That might sound a little selfish, of course, but if it’s enough to pull you out of a funk, then go for it!

Of course, you do need to try to be somewhat sincere.  A fake smile is pretty easy to see through, so put some feeling behind it!  It might take a few attempts before your smile is more than just an act, but work at it.  By forcing yourself to put feeling behind your smile, you’ll actually change your mood.

Once someone sees you smiling at them, they will realize that there’s someone out there who really does appreciate and care about them.  Just knowing that is enough to turn someone’s day around and make them feel better.

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Jul 07

Ideas for Birthday Celebrations in KC

Do you have a birthday coming up?  If you do, and you’re looking for something to do in Kansas City, here are a few great ideas.

Take the night off and spend it with your spouse, best friend, or even your kids, at one of the fine hotels in the city.  You can find some downtown that are especially nice, such as the different hotels around the Crown Center.  These hotels have some very luxurious rooms that offer a great view of downtown KC.  Plus they are close to many great shops and entertainment venues.

Go see a sporting event, such as a Kansas City Royals game.

The Crossroads Arts District has a lot of interesting things to see and do, and it can make for a unique birthday outing.

KC always has a concert or theater event going on.  Check various theater and venue schedules to see what’s going on for your birthday.

If you want to have a nice family dinner out for your special day, KC has many different restaurants.  Barbeque, steaks, seafood, home cooking, Italian, Mexican…if it’s a type of food, KC has a restaurant that specializes in it!

Bars and clubs like Angel’s Rock Bar and the Blue Room offer music, dancing, and more.  These are great places for birthday parties for the above 21 crowd who want to get out and have some fun.

If you want to explore history for your birthday, there are many museums in Kansas City that fit the bill.  The American Jazz Museum, for example, is certainly interesting, as is the American Royal Museum and the Arabia Steamboat Museum.  They offer something different.

Love chocolate?  Treat yourself to a birthday tour of Chip’s Chocolate Factory!

As you can see, there are a ton of different things to do in Kansas City for your birthday.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Jun 28

Decorate for the Fourth with Flowers

The Fourth of July is here!  Have you put up decorations yet?  Flags, of course, are the most traditional of all Fourth decorations.  Some people also put out Uncle Sam figures and other characters dressed in patriotic colors.  But what about decorating with flowers?

Almost every florist has a patriotic selection of flowers on hand.  These arrangements are perfect for the Fourth of July.  Many feature red, white, and even blue flowers.  Clear blue or white vases are usually used, and there are often small flags included with the arrangement.  Some even include large flag balloons.

Roses, daisies, carnations, gerberas, chrysanthemums, blue iris, delphinium, and more are often used.  Deciding which flowers and which arrangement you want shouldn’t be too difficult.  Since the color schemes are similar on all arrangements, the main decision is how large of a patriotic bouquet you want.  Smaller tables will look better with smaller arrangements, while larger bouquets work better on larger tables. 

If you haven’t ordered a Fourth flower arrangement, we have a number of different options.  Our Freedom Fireworks Bouquet is one of our larger arrangements.  It looks almost like fireworks going off.  If you need something smaller, the Freedom Bouquet features a nice arrangement in a short, clear cube vase.  A small US flag is situated in the middle of the roses, carnations, daisy spray chrysanthemums, and more. 

If neither of those arrangements sounds right for you, check out the many other options available on our website.

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Jun 22

Summer Activities for the Whole Family

There are many great summer activities for the whole family

There are many great summer activities for the whole family

There are many activities the entire family can get out and enjoy during the summer.  Some are free, while some are on the expensive side.  The key to a great summer is to mix in a few of these bigger, more expensive activities along with a number of low cost or free activities that everyone has fun doing.

-Go to the zoo.  Kids love the zoo, and there’s something magical about it for parents, too.  Many zoos upgrade or add new animal exhibits over the years, so the zoo might even have something new and different for you.  Cost: medium, although food and souvenirs may drive the cost up.

-Head out to a local park and playground.  Besides the swings and other playground equipment, many parks have small ponds that are home to ducks or geese.  You can bring along some old bread crumbs and feed them, which many kids love.  Some playgrounds also have what are called spraygrounds, areas that have fun sprinklers and other water toys.  Cost: free!

-Start a family garden.  You can teach kids about gardening, vegetables, and flowers by having them help you in your backyard garden.  Kids like digging in the dirt and picking ripe vegetables, and they’ll learn along the way.  Cost: low.  You’ll need to buy seeds and maybe some bug spray.

-Plan a family vacation.  This doesn’t have to be a huge trip, although it can be if you have the funds.  A weekend trip to the beach or to a theme park can be just as fun as a week-long trip to Disney World or another major location.  This type of trip does require scheduling time off and reservations.  Cost: medium to very high, depending on where you go and how long your vacation lasts.

-Go for a walk or ride your bikes.  If each family member has a bicycle, go for a ride.  If you don’t have bikes, go for a walk around the neighborhood.  This is also a good way of exercising and walking your dogs, if you have any.  Cost: free for walking, low if you need to perform any bike maintenance.

These are just a few great summer activities that are fun for the whole family!

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Jun 15

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here, but you still have time to get your dad a great gift.  Here are a few great gift ideas if you still haven’t finished your shopping.

Many men love sports.  If your dad is a fan of one of your local sports team, buy him season tickets.  If you really want to splurge, get him box seats.  Of course, you might want to get two tickets so he can take your mom (if she likes sports), one of his friends, or you!

Another great gift idea is something electronic.  If your dad works out, get him an iPod so he can listen to his favorite music while he exercises.  If Dad loves to read, he might like a Kindle or other ebook reader.  If you really want to get him something trendy and cool, go with the iPad.  If your dad doesn’t have a blue-ray player yet, now’s the perfect time to get him one.

There are a number of websites and stores that allow you to customize things for your dad.  You can create a custom t-shirt, have his name embroidered on a nice polo shirt, and more.  Your kids can even create their own book about their dad and have it printed and bound.  These customized items take traditional, somewhat boring gifts and put a neat, personalized touch on them.

Do you know your father’s family history?  A unique, personal gift for him could involve doing some research and created a detailed family tree for your dad.  You can also research the family crest and see if you can purchase a nice piece of artwork featuring it. 

Of course, if you’re an artist, you can create a wonderful piece of art for your father.  A recreation of the family crest is just one idea.  You can paint his portrait, draw the house you grew up in, or create a piece of art that goes with one of his hobbies.  The possibilities are endless.

While flowers are usually sent on Mother’s Day, Village Gardens does have a few things that are perfect for dad.  We have a number of great gift baskets that feature different snacks and treats.  We also have gift boxes, baseball gift baskets, and our barbecue bucket.  If your dad enjoys gardening, maybe he would like one of our green plants.  As with any holiday, be sure to order soon so we can guarantee delivery.

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Jun 08

Send Roses to Someone This Month

Did you know that June is National Rose Month?  Not many people do, but it’s a great time to send roses to someone and to celebrate love!  But who, you might wonder, do you send roses to if you don’t currently have a significant other?  Well, there are actually several things you can do with roses this month, regardless of your dating status.

First of all, roses aren’t just for romantic love.  You can send roses to anyone!  Just do a little research into what different colored roses mean.  Send yellow roses, which mean friendship, to your friends or coworkers, or send roses of any color to your mom or grandmother.  If you have a teenage daughter, she might enjoy a bouquet of hot pink roses or purple roses.  You can even send roses to yourself if you’d like! 

Another way of brightening someone’s day this month is to send a bouquet of roses to a senior citizen’s home or a nursing home.  Ask that the arrangement be placed in a common area or dining area for all the residents to enjoy.  You’ll touch a number of people with this gesture. 

If you’re going to send roses to a friend or loved one, why not go to the florist and pick up the flowers yourself?  This way, you give the person a double gift: beautiful flowers and some time with you!  This is especially great if you’re sending roses to someone you haven’t seen in some time. 

You can send roses any time of the year to anyone, but why not take the time this month to give someone a little pick me up?  Say you love them or are simply thinking about them, but send roses to someone this month!

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May 31

Little Ways to Save the Environment

World Environment Day is June 5th

World Environment Day is June 5th

With World Environment Day coming up (the 5th of June), many people are talking about ways of saving the environment.  But while some of these ways are one-time things or big events and will make an impact, they won’t be the thing that truly saves the environment.  The things that really make a difference are the little changes we make.  These little changes slowly add up over time, especially if we commit to them and keep doing them.

One popular change many people have made lately is to use cloth shopping bags.  By cutting down on plastic and paper bags, we can save a lot.  Most of these bags are just thrown away instead of recycled.  If you do still use plastic bags, be sure to recycle them.  Many stores now have collection bins at the front for old bags.  Most stores also sell cloth bags for a low price.

Buy a water filter or filter pitcher instead of buying bottled water.  These filters may seem expensive, but when you add up how much you spend in bottled water each month, you’ll find that you actually save money.  If you miss your bottles, just save some and refill them with filtered water.  If you do still buy bottles, be sure to recycle them.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room and unplug chargers and other devices when not using them.  It’s such a little thing, but the amount of electricity you save does add up.  You’ll see this reflected on your electric bill.

Save water by taking shorter showers.  Even though it can be really nice to take a long, luxurious hot shower, it does use up a lot of water.  Shorter showers mean more time in the morning plus a lower water bill.

Use public transportation or walk/ride your bike to work.  With gas prices getting higher and higher every day, this will also have a huge impact on your wallet.  If you do need your car and have the means, you might even look into buying a hybrid. 

Spread the word.  It’s great if you do these activities, but to truly change the world, everyone needs to participate.  Set your Facebook status to something about World Environment Day to remind others.  Twitter about it.  Tell them what you’re doing to reuse and recycle.  In fact, this may even be more important than everything else on this list.  Your small changes will have an impact, but if you can get your whole community involved, imagine the changes!

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May 25

Remembering Your Loved Ones

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up.  It represents a time for everyone to pause and remember their loved ones.  How will you stop and remember your loved ones?  Here are some traditional ways.

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Many people visit the graves of their loved ones on Memorial Day.  They take small wreaths, bouquets of flowers, and other tokens and leave them on the headstones.  If a loved one has been cremated, sometimes people return to the area where the ashes were spread, or they visit an area special to the loved one. 

Some people have family dinners or lunches where they share stories and talk about those who have passed on.  This is especially helpful if the loss was recent, although it is by no means less significant just because someone passed away years ago. 

For some, doing something the loved one enjoyed doing is a great way of remembering them and feeling closer to them.  This could be anything from working in the garden to painting to watching their favorite movie.  Some of these activities are great for the entire family and make for a nice activity in addition to a way of remembering a loved one.

Create a journal or scrap book of your family.  Each year, spend Memorial Day updating the book with the year’s memories and looking back through all the good times you had with those who are no longer with you.

Another way of remembering loved ones is to release helium filled balloons with little notes on them.  Releasing these balloons and their letters is a way of telling your loved ones how you’ve been, or even telling them things you’d wished you had said while they were still alive.  Children can draw pictures or even make artwork to “send” to the deceased.

There are many ways you can remember your loved ones every day of the year, not just on Memorial Day.  If you inherited any of their jewelry, or if they gave you a special piece of jewelry, wearing it is a way of remembering them.  You can also keep a framed photo of them in a place you often see it or in an area that was special to them.  If your loved one liked to cook, for example, place a photo of them somewhere in your kitchen.

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