Oct 05

Do More Than Say It—Show It!

How to Say I Love YouTelling her you love her is one thing, but it’s not the same as actually showing it.  While she’ll love hearing it from you, showing her by doing something for her or getting her a gift can be more powerful.  Actions speak louder than words, as they saying goes, and sometimes that’s absolutely true.

So how can you show it?  Well, there are the obvious ways: send her flowers, take her out to dinner, or prepare a romantic evening at home.  But there are also little things you can do that show your love without making a huge statement.  Sometimes she might even appreciate these little things more than the big statements.

One little thing is to keep up with the household chores she asks of you.  Take out the trash, put your dirty clothes in the hamper, and put the toilet seat.  While you might think these little actions are no big deal, they show her you listen to what she asks and respect her enough to do these tasks.

Another small thing is to compromise.  If you resist everything she wants to do, you’ll come across as always being argumentative.  While you don’t always have to do what she wants, remember that a relationship is give and take.  Show her you’re willing to give a bit, and she will appreciate it and reciprocate.

Of course, you can show her how much you love her with gifts, too.  She’s sure to appreciate a bouquet of flowers now and then or some nice chocolates.  Giving her gifts on random days is a great way of showing you’re always thinking of her.  Don’t wait until a holiday or other special occasion (although definitely do something to mark those days).

Showing her you care doesn’t have to be expensive or require a lot of time and effort.  Just doing a few small things can be more than enough.



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Sep 27

Getting Your Garden Ready for the Fall

Fall is here, and that means it’s time to get your garden ready for the colder temperatures that are ahead.  There’s actually a good amount to do to fully winterize your garden.  It’s not good enough to just leave it as it is.

The fall is the time to really get your garden cleaned up.  However, before you pull everything up and get rid of all the dead plants, take a moment to map out your plants and flowers.  If one type of flower seemed to fair really poorly, you might need to move it around next year.  If you’re growing vegetables, the same is true.  Maybe they got too much water.  Maybe there wasn’t enough sun.  Mapping out your garden for future study can help you determine factors like this.

Now, time to start cleaning up!  It’s important to properly know how to get rid of dead and sick plants.  Dead plants, for the most part, are no big deal.  Cut them down and throw them away (leave the roots—this keeps the soil structure in place and helps minimize weeds).  However, if you’ve been dealing with dead plants, you need to do a bit more.  Dead roses, for example, can leave diseased leaves on the ground.  Bugs and diseases can wait out the winter there.  Be sure to rake up everything in the area and securely bag all infested materials.

With other, non-diseased leftovers, you can let some remain in your flowerbeds.  It will decompose and help your next round of plants, flowers, and vegetables grow.  However, they can be an eyesore, so decide between composting and removing.

If you have any young trees or shrubs in your yard, put plastic tree guards around the trunks.  This will help protect them from animals that might gnaw at them.

Finally, go ahead and plant your spring bulbs now.  It’s best to do it before the ground freezes and it becomes difficult.

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Sep 20

Sometimes Words are Not Enough

It can be hard to apologize to someone, especially after a huge fight.  If you’ve had a falling out and you’re ready to apologize, you need to put some thought into it.  A bad apology can actually be worse than no apology at all, and you do not want to make the situation worse!  Sometimes, just saying you’re sorry isn’t enough to mend broken bridges.  When words aren’t enough, there are several things you can do.

If words are not enough, you need actions.  Saying “I’m sorry” is the first step, of course, but then presenting the recipient with a bouquet of flowers or a small wrapped gift (chocolate, maybe, or something personal) will really show how sincere you are.  These gifts don’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but they need to speak to the recipient.  If you know she hates roses, don’t give her roses, no matter how romantic they may seem.  The same goes with chocolates if you know she doesn’t like them.

Another action you can take is to set up an entire evening of apologies.  Show up with your apology and flowers, then move on to dinner.  Finally, end your apology with a dessert for two and another heartfelt “I’m sorry.”  If that type of evening doesn’t smooth over any damage you’ve done, nothing will.  Of course, you may want to slightly restructure the evening if you’re apologizing to a family member or a friend and not your wife or girlfriend.  Still, flowers, a small gift, and dinner can go a long way to repairing any relationship.

When words are not enough, follow them up with actions.  However, you must remember to always, always be sincere.  If your apology is not heart-felt, it will fall flat and you’ll end up in a worse position then you started in.

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Sep 13

One of the Best Gifts for any Occasion – Flowers

Birthdays.  Anniversaries.  An illness.  A promotion.  Graduation.  Many times, these events call for a gift or token of some sort.  Even serious illnesses usually call for a get-well gift or at least a card.  Finding the appropriate gift for these different events can be very difficult, especially if you don’t know the person that well.  However, there’s one great gift that fits them all: flowers!

Flowers can be a very appropriate gift for many different occasions.  Birthdays and anniversaries, of course, are two of the most common.  Many women receive flowers from their husbands or significant others on these days.  But women send flowers, too.  They often send arrangements to their sisters, mothers, and friends.  Some even send flowers to men.  Flowering plants are very nice gifts for some men, as our unique flowers like the calla lily.

Get well flowers are also often sent to those in the hospital or those who are recovering from a prolonged illness.  Often, balloons or a small stuffed animal are included with these floral arrangements.  They say “I’m thinking of you,” something that will cheer up anyone who is dealing with an illness.

These are just two examples of sending flowers as gifts.  But why are flowers one of the best gifts?  There are several reasons.  Flowers make an all-purpose gift because they can say just about anything.  Daisies and other cheery flowers can say “get well, my friend” while a dozen red roses shout “I love you!”  There’s a flower for almost everything.  Plus, unless they are allergic, almost everyone loves flowers.  You may hesitate over other gifts—what if they already have it, or don’t like it?—but flowers are never out of style, and you can never have too many bouquets!

Flowers are all-inclusive: young, old, single, married…there’s a flower for everyone.  Even men enjoy some flowers.  You just can’t go wrong with a lovely bouquet of flowers!  If you’re searching for that perfect arrangement, visit Village Gardens and check out our wide variety of flowers.  Our professional florists can create the perfect arrangement just for you!

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Sep 06

The World is a Better Place Because of Grandparents

This Sunday, September 11, is National Grandparents Day.  This day was founded by Marian McQuade as a way of getting grandchildren to visit their grandparents who lived in nursing homes.  Soon, the day received national attention thanks to President Carter, who proclaimed the first Sunday following Labor Day as National Grandparents Day in 1978.

Without a doubt, the world is a better place because of loving grandparents.  Grandparents create a home away from home for us all.  As children, it was always a great treat to visit the grandparents.  They seemed to cook the best meals, have the coolest games, and have the most comfortable guest rooms ever.  Often grandparents spoiled us with extra dessert, a treat at the store, and trips to the movies.

Grandparents are also there for us as adults, especially in our times of need.  Grandparents often help us with we’re down on our luck.  They provide a place to stay if we need it, a little financial support when it’s necessary, and constant emotional support.  That’s not to say that they’re never stern when they need to be, but they’ve lived through enough hard times to know that a little help is always appreciated.

How often do you thank your grandparents for everything they have done for you?  Even if you do this often, be sure to think of them on Grandparents Day.  Send them flowers, take them out to lunch, or at least call and say hello.  They always appreciate hearing from you, just as you appreciate all they’ve done for you.


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Aug 30

Celebrate Labor Day!

Labor Day is this weekend (September 3 – 5, 2011).  This weekend often marks the end of summer for many, and it also means a long weekend.  Why do we celebrate this day?  In 1894, Labor Day was first celebrated as a national day of honoring working men and women.

No one is quite certain who came up with the idea, although Peter McGuire, one of the founders of the American Federation of Labor, often gets the credit.  McGuire came up with the idea of having a day for workers where they could show their solidarity and commitment to equal rights for all workers.  Others give Matthew Maguire credit for the idea.

Regardless of who came up with the idea, the fact is that Labor Day was being celebrated as early as 1882, 12 years before it was named a national holiday.  The first Monday in September was chosen as Labor Day because it’s halfway between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving.  Within just a few years, the holiday had spread across the country, and President Grover Cleveland then officially designated the first Monday of September as Labor Day.

What can you do to celebrate Labor Day this year?  There are a few different things.  Some people attend parades, while others stay at home and have a cookout.  Some people go to the lake or take a short weekend vacation.  Many different cities hold events on Labor Day, including outdoor festivals, musical events, and firework displays.  Finally, some people just like to take the three-day weekend and relax.

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Aug 24

Ways to Spend the Last Few Summer Days

Summer is almost over!  While the fall brings a lot of activities that many people enjoy, it’s not quite here yet.  There’s still time to enjoy the last few days of summer.  Here are some things you can do before the leaves start to turn.

Visit the beach or the local pool one last time.  It’s still warm (very warm in some places), so you can still take advantage of the sun, the laughter, and the swimming.  If you have your own pool, be sure to winterize it once you’re sure you won’t be using it again.

Do a little fall cleaning.  While we usually think of cleaning out the closets in the spring, the fall is a good time to do it, as well.  Pack away your summer clothes, put up the beach and picnic items, and dig out your fall outfits.  You might need to iron some of them or take some to the cleaners.

Another good thing to do the last few days of summer is outdoor repairs and modifications.  It’s not quite as hot as it was during July and the beginning of August, but it’s still warm enough that you can work outside comfortably.  Clean out those gutters, repair the fence, and fix the roof if it needs it.

While you’re at it, how about having a yard sale?  Get rid of anything that’s been stashed in your closets or garage for several years.  If you haven’t used it lately, chances are you don’t need it!

Have one last picnic.  There are still some summer concert series and outdoor activities going on, too.  Pack up some food and head out to one of these great events.

Go shopping!  Surely you need a new outfit or two for the fall, right?  Maybe some new shoes.  Call up a few of your friends and make an outing of it.

Take some time to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.  Eat your lunch outdoors, walk through a park, sit outside and read a book.  Whatever you do, just get outside and take advantage of the sun before it becomes too chilly to do so.

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Aug 16

Back to School Shopping

August is the month when most students start back to school, but something very important has to happen first: the back to school shopping trip!  Kids need to get all their school supplies plus some new clothes and other items before the school year starts.  A lot of states have even implemented tax-free days in early August to make this annual shopping trip a little easier on parents.  There’s so much to buy, especially if you have more than one child in school.  Even college students aren’t immune to the shopping, although instead of crayons and glue, they’re buying expensive textbooks and, if they’re moving to a dorm for the first time, a lot of other items.

So what’s on your back to school shopping list?  While every family will be looking for different things, here are some common items.

School supplies of all kinds, of course!

New clothes

New shoes

Shoes for athletics

A lunch box

A graphing calculator (for those taking upper level math classes)

College students moving to the dorms will need bedding, towels, and basic room essentials like a trash can, a lamp, a rug, etc.

But these items are all for the students.  Is there anything parents need to buy for the first day of school?  There are a few things.  If your kids haven’t been eating breakfast regularly during the summer, you need to fix that.  Stock up on cereal and other breakfast foods.  In fact, cook a nice breakfast for the first day of school to get your kids up and going.

You might also want to purchase some snacks for your kids.  Often, students are hungry when they get home, so have something they can eat before dinner.  Make it healthy, though—fruit, vegetables, and the like.  Avoid candy if you can.

Another thing you may want to purchase is a little surprise for the kids on their first day.  Maybe this is an extra treat in their lunch box or ice cream when they get home.  For college students, you could send them flowers or a gift basket.  It’s nice to get a little something extra on the first day of school.

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Aug 09

Make Your Summer Romance Sizzle

Make Your Summer Romance Sizzle!

Make Your Summer Romance Sizzle!

Even though summer is slowly wrapping up, there’s still time to start a summer romance or toss some extra fuel onto your current one.  Want to spice up your summer romance?  Add some sizzle?  Here are some tips!

Do something unexpected.  Shake things up.  This might mean planning a surprise date where your partner doesn’t know what the plan is, or it might mean buying some revealing lingerie.  You don’t even have to do anything major—if your spouse is out one day, clean the entire house, do the laundry, and handle any other little chores.  This unexpected treat might not seem romantic, but it can certainly lead to a very hot night.

Cook your sweetie’s favorite meal.  Nothing shows someone how much you love them than cooking up a full meal just for them.  Include some candles and wine and you’ve got a great recipe for love.  Some gorgeous red roses can’t hurt, either.

Get rid of the distractions.  If you want a sizzling romantic night, get rid of anything that might get between the two of you.  Turn off the TV, your cell phones, the internet…just be together without anyone or anything else getting in the way.  If you have kids, even see about letting them spend the night with their grandparents or friends.

One major part of summer is the heat, and no one feels sexy when they’re sweating.  One way of making your romance hotter is to keep cool.  Crank up your AC and curl up with a movie you both love.  If movies aren’t your thing, you could always take turns reading your favorite book aloud or play a few games.  Maybe a few hands of strip poker?

Find the perfect romantic spot.  Even if you live in the most unromantic place on earth, you can find some place to shave a romantic moment.  Look for a great sunset or walk through the park.  If you’re near a beach or a breathtaking mountain view, pack a picnic and go.

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Aug 02

Little Ways to Keep a Friendship Alive

Having friends is a great thing.  They help us lighten up, get away from stress, and enjoy our lives.  But the saying “you don’t get something for nothing” does apply to friendships.  The problem is that it can be hard to keep friendships alive in today’s incredibly busy world.  We’re constantly picking up huge work assignments, driving the kids to activities, and, in what little spare time we have, doing all those little tasks that must be done (grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning house, etc.).  Fortunately, there are a lot of little ways to keep a friendship alive during those times when neither of you can find time to get together.

Email is a great way of keeping in contact with friends when you’re both incredibly busy.  Whenever you have a few moments to spare, write a quick note to your friend.  He or she can respond when he/she has time, so there’s no pressure like there is with a phone call.

Facebook and other social network sites are also a great new way of keeping in touch with friends.  In fact, they’re designed so you can find friends you’ve lost touch with, too!  With these sites, you can resurrect old friendships and keep current ones alive.  What’s neat about Facebook is that you can do more than just send messages back and forth.  You can share photos and videos, instant message when you’re both online, and even play games together.

But there are offline ways of keeping a friendship alive, too.  Even if you can’t meet up to see a movie or have dinner, maybe you can do a quick lunch?  Or perhaps you can set aside one evening a week to meet for dinner?  Another option is to try to set up one weekend a month to spend with your friends.  Even if you can only meet up to run a few errands, spending a few minutes with your friends each week can keep the friendship alive.

If you’re keeping a long distance friendship alive, try going old-fashioned: send actual paper letters!  You can also mail small trinkets and gifts back and forth, although postage can get expensive.  Of course, you can order online and have the company ship to your friend, saving you paying postage twice.  A local florist can often place delivery orders with florists in other cities, too, if you want to send your friend flowers.

The main way of keeping a friendship alive is to keep in touch.  Even if it’s by email or text, even if you don’t see each other for a few months, do something to keep the lines of communication open.  Each time you see your friend, take a moment to remember why you became close friends in the first place, and do whatever is necessary to keep that feeling alive.

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