Feb 12

Our Favorite Romantic Movies

With Valentine’s Day almost here, many people are in the romantic mood.  But what if you aren’t quite feeling that Valentine’s spirit yet?  Well, one way to get into the romantic mood is to watch some of your favorite romantic movies.  Here are a few of our favorite romantic films.

The Notebook.  Sure, it’s become known as that romantic movie that women make men suffer through, but this film based on the Nicholas Sparks novel is full of romance.  It stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the romantic couple.

Love Actually.  This movie features eight different couples whose lives intercede.  They love, lose, and find new hope throughout the film, which stars a number of everyone’s favorite actors.

Sleepless in Seattle.  Who hasn’t seen this movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?  While some romantic movies will be forgotten a few years after they’re released, Sleepless in Seattle is destined to find a place on that list of all-time great films.

Pretty Woman.  The movie that made Julia Roberts a household name has become many people’s romantic favorite.  The chemistry between Roberts and leading man Richard Gere is sure to put you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Notting Hill.  Julia Roberts returns, this time playing (of all things) a popular American actress.  She falls in love with a bookstore owner (played by Hugh Grant).  But can their romance survive being under the spotlight of the media?

What romantic movies are your favorites?  Let us know if we missed a great one.

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