May 25

Remembering Your Loved Ones

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up.  It represents a time for everyone to pause and remember their loved ones.  How will you stop and remember your loved ones?  Here are some traditional ways.

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Many people visit the graves of their loved ones on Memorial Day.  They take small wreaths, bouquets of flowers, and other tokens and leave them on the headstones.  If a loved one has been cremated, sometimes people return to the area where the ashes were spread, or they visit an area special to the loved one. 

Some people have family dinners or lunches where they share stories and talk about those who have passed on.  This is especially helpful if the loss was recent, although it is by no means less significant just because someone passed away years ago. 

For some, doing something the loved one enjoyed doing is a great way of remembering them and feeling closer to them.  This could be anything from working in the garden to painting to watching their favorite movie.  Some of these activities are great for the entire family and make for a nice activity in addition to a way of remembering a loved one.

Create a journal or scrap book of your family.  Each year, spend Memorial Day updating the book with the year’s memories and looking back through all the good times you had with those who are no longer with you.

Another way of remembering loved ones is to release helium filled balloons with little notes on them.  Releasing these balloons and their letters is a way of telling your loved ones how you’ve been, or even telling them things you’d wished you had said while they were still alive.  Children can draw pictures or even make artwork to “send” to the deceased.

There are many ways you can remember your loved ones every day of the year, not just on Memorial Day.  If you inherited any of their jewelry, or if they gave you a special piece of jewelry, wearing it is a way of remembering them.  You can also keep a framed photo of them in a place you often see it or in an area that was special to them.  If your loved one liked to cook, for example, place a photo of them somewhere in your kitchen.

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