Dec 15

Make Christmas Day Less Hectic

Christmas Day is coming!  If you’re visiting someone else’s home for the holidays, you don’t have too much to worry about.  However, if you’re hosting the big day, you probably have a dozen little things going through your mind.  This needs to be done, and that, and the house needs cleaned, and there are cookies to bake, and oh-my-gosh, there are a few gifts still to be wrapped!  Even on Christmas Day, things may seem a little hectic.  However, there are a few things you can do to make it less crazy.

First, do what you can ahead of time.  This includes cleaning, decorating, and even doing some cooking and baking.  You don’t have to make cookies Christmas morning—you can bake them a day or even two days ahead of time.  The same goes with pies, cakes, and some other desserts.

Give yourself plenty of time Christmas Day before your guests arrive.  You’ll need some time to start cooking, of course, but you’ll also want time to do one last quick straightening of the house.  You can delegate this job to your spouse and children if you like (and if they agree).

You can also have your kids pitch in by setting the table, putting together trays of finger foods, and doing other tasks that don’t involve a lot of supervision.  Yes, it can be hard to motivate them into helping, especially if all they want to do is open gifts, but some children will enjoy helping put together Christmas dinner.

Have trash bags on hand for cleaning up while opening gifts.  It’s easier to put the wrapping paper in the trash right away than to wait and have to pick it all up later.  Also be sure you have batteries for anything that needs them.  It may also be useful to have scissors or a box cutter on hand for opening those difficult-to-get-in-to boxes.

If you don’t want to have a lot of dishes to do, use paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups.  You can even use plastic forks and knives so there’s very little to clean up.  All you’ll have to wash are your serving platters and bowls.

That’s about all it takes to make Christmas Day a little more organized and a bit less chaotic!  If things to seem to get crazy, you can always ask for a little help in cleaning up.


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