Dec 11

Holiday Gifts from Your Florist

One of the more challenging and costly aspects of the holiday season is sending gifts to your friends and family who live out of state.  Not only does this limit the gifts you can get for them, but it also limits your budget because you have to include paying for shipping.  If you get something fragile, it could get broken in the mail, and edible foods are also risky.  Large, heavy items cost a lot to ship, too, so you usually leave out books and big toys.  That doesn’t leave a lot.  If you’re looking for something for adults, here’s an idea: send them flowers.

Why?  There are a number of reasons.  A lot of people simply buy what they want when they see it, so they don’t have a long Christmas list to give out.  Others may not want a lot of stuff cluttering up their homes, and while they appreciate gifts, it’s always a bit of a chore for them to find a place to put them.  With flowers, they get to appreciate your thoughtfulness, enjoy the beautiful flowers for a number of days, and then they can reuse the vase.

Another reason a gift from a florist is a great option is that you don’t have to ship it.  Many florists are a part of a network like Teleflora.  This means you can order an arrangement through these networks and have it fulfilled by one of their partners.  All of these florists know how to make many of the arrangements they advertise (of course, there are some local specialties that aren’t available elsewhere).  Nothing is actually shipped through the mail at all, saving you that cost.

But what if you want the person to have a tangible gift that they can keep, something other than a simple vase?  Many florists have products that feature unique, large vases.  For example, one holiday favorite is an arrangement that comes in a large ceramic ornament.  This ornament can become a part of the holiday décor that your friend or relative will use every year.  Some of the centerpieces come with glass candle holders that can also be kept and used long after the flowers are gone.  Green plants can be planted and nurtured for years.

If you can’t decide on what to buy and ship to your long-distance gift recipients, think about flowers.  We’ve got some amazing Christmas arrangements in Kansas City, MO, that would make great gifts.

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