Apr 03

Healthy Alternatives to Easter Candy

Kids love Easter egg hunts, but some parents don’t.  Usually the plastic eggs are filled with candy, and kids can eat an awful lot of it if they find a lot of eggs.  While there’s usually not as much candy as there is at Halloween, they can still get a good sugar rush.  While you might not be able to control what they get at other egg hunts, you can fill your own eggs and their Easter baskets with some healthy alternatives.  Here are some ideas.

For eggs:

•    Small crayons and erasers
•    Mini boxes of raisins
•    Jelly beans
•    Coins
•    Small toys (for older children)
•    Pictures of toy prizes (if the prizes are too large to fit in eggs, or if the children are too young for small toys)
•    A small baggie of trail mix
•    If you do go with chocolate, get dark chocolate – it’s healthier
•    Sidewalk chalk
•    Stickers
•    Peanuts, pecans, almonds, or pistachios

For your Easter baskets, here are some healthy options:

•    Fruit
•    Muffins
•    Pencils and other drawing supplies
•    Puzzles
•    A disposable camera
•    Beading kits
•    Books
•    A DVD
•    A new stuffed animal
•    Gardening tools and some seeds

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