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Halloween Party Snacks

Hosting a Halloween party?  If so, you know you’ve got to have some great snacks.  But hasn’t everything been done to death (pardon the pun)?  If you’re looking for some treats that are a little different and don’t mind doing some cooking, try a few of these neat ideas.

Cupcakes: you can do a lot here!  Owls, black cat faces, and mummies are just a few ideas.  Get creative and think of how to use candy or cookies for decorating.  You can use small round mints for eyes or black licorice for cat whiskers.

For a healthy snack, take small carrots and turn them into scary severed fingers.  All you need are a few medium sized carrots, a red pepper, and some dipping sauces.  Taper the carrots on one end so they look like fingers.  Then cut a small slit in the end and insert a cut piece of the pepper for the nail.

Donut holes can become eyeballs with a little powdered sugar, an upside down chocolate chip for the pupil, and red decorator frosting to make them look bloodshot.

To go with the eyes, make some lime green gelatin with bits of fruits in it.  Poor it into an angel food cake pan and let it set.  Then cut the mold horizontally into several layers.  Arrange them to look like green monster intestines!

There are some gingerbread cookie cutters designed to make the traditional little boys and girls look like skeletons, but you don’t really need them.  Instead, use white icing to draw bones on the cookies.  You can make gingerbread skeletons, cat skeletons, dog skeletons…anything you like!

You can dress up crackers, biscotti, and other square-ish foods as ghosts, witches, and other spooky creatures using chocolate, nuts, and candies.

Take oranges and carve mini jack-o-lantern faces into them.

Mix raisins in with some white-chocolate covered pretzels to create “bugs in the bone yard.”

For beverages, serve chilled V8 juice as vampire blood or green Kool-Aid.  One neat trick is to serve the Kool-Aid in a glass punch bowl set on top of a glow necklace so that the color shines through it and looks otherworldly.



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