Mar 28

Easter Flower Traditions

There are a number of flowers you’ll see around Easter, but one of the most popular is the Easter Lily.  This beautiful flower is often used in religious ceremonies and decorations around Easter.  It’s a symbol of joy, beauty, hope, and spirituality.  In the Christian religion, the Easter lily is also connected to the resurrection of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

The reason this flower is connected to Easter is, according to a story, that the blood of Jesus fell from the cross and causes beautiful flowers to grow wherever it hit.  These flowers were the first Easter lilies.  They’re also symbolic of the resurrection story.  The white blooms represent new life and hope.  The bulb represents Jesus being buried.  The flowers that grow from the bulbs then become Jesus’s life after death.  Their trumpet shape is reminiscent of the trumpet used by the angel Gabriel.

Another story says that Gabriel gave the Virgin Mary a bouquet of white lilies when she learned that she was with child.  Many paintings also show various saints giving white lilies to Mary and Joseph, and in some images, Joseph is holding a lily-branch.  After she was buried, legend has it that three days later, the Virgin Mary’s body vanished from her tomb and was replaced with bunches of Easter lilies.

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