Oct 13

Does your Boss Deserve You?

Bosses Day is coming this Saturday, which means most people will celebrate it on Friday.  Now’s the time to start figuring out what you and your fellow employees want to do for your boss.  It’s also a time when many people stop and reflect on their relationship with their boss.  Now may be the time to ask yourself if your boss truly deserves you.

There are a few different litmus tests you can apply to answer this question.  Does your boss stand up for you and your department?  For example, does he or she take the brunt of any criticism instead of allowing higher ups to yell at the employees? 

How does your boss treat you?  This is very important, of course, but you must evaluate it from an unbiased point of view.  Your boss may seem to come down on you for mistakes, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a bad boss.  If they’re fair and reward good work, then even if they seem to be hard on employees who make large mistakes, they’re still a good boss.

Is your boss personable?  A good boss will not only interact with employees on work related things but will also get to know them.  While it’s true bosses should keep a level of professionalism between themselves and employees, that doesn’t mean they can’t be personable.  Good bosses want to get to know their employees and learn about them.

So does your boss deserve you?  Is he or she fair, personable, and willing to go to bat for you?  If you answer yes to these questions, then you’ve got a great boss!

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