Dec 05

Get in the Mood for Christmas

As the song goes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Are you ready?  Some people get in the holiday mood around mid-November, and they absolutely love every minute of the holiday season.  Others don’t really get into Christmas until a week or so before (but let’s hope they did some shopping before then!).

So how can you get yourself in the Christmas mood if you’ve discovered you’re currently playing the role of the Grinch?  Here are a few different ideas.

•    Listen to Christmas music.  Whether traditional carols or modern songs about the holidays, Christmas music can work its magic on anyone who is in a bah-humbug mood.

•    If you’re more of a visual person, go check out some of the huge light displays.  Some neighborhoods work together to turn their streets into magical wonderlands.  A number of communities may also put together large displays that you can walk or drive through.  The sheer number of lights some of these displays use is mind-boggling.

•    Go shopping.  While some people absolutely hate it, some love shopping.  Working your way through various stores with their holiday displays can actually get you in the holiday mood.  If you hate the crowds, do some online shopping to satisfy your holiday urges.

•    Go to a holiday performance.  Maybe The Nutcracker can chase away your Christmas blues?

•    Convince your sweetie to take you ice skating.

•    Put up your Christmas decorations.  Turning your home into a cozy holiday hideaway may be just the trick to getting you into the Christmas mood.  It can be fun, too, especially if you get the whole family involved.

•    Do some holiday baking.  The smell of sugar cookies or a warm pie can be enough to snap anyone out of their funk.

Speaking of smells, perhaps the scent of some holiday flowers may help?  We’ve got a wide variety of Christmas flowers in Kansas City, MO!

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