Dec 16

Celebrating with Family: The Perfect Christmas

HW0_308730The holiday season is often full of family for many people.  In fact, it’s sometimes the only time of the year that you get to see some relatives.  For that reason, having the perfect Christmas is often associated with a huge family celebration.  Everyone gathers at one person’s home to eat great food, share stories, exchange gifts, and bask in the glow of a grandly decorated Christmas tree.  The question of what constitutes a perfect Christmas will be different for everyone, but it almost always centers around family.  Here are a few ways you can celebrate this holiday season with those who mean the most to you.

The first step to having a perfect Christmas is to avoid getting caught up in the holiday rush and stress.  Remember that it’s all about having time with family, not about buying expensive gifts or putting up lavish light displays.  If you have a large family, in fact, you may all agree to not buy gifts for everyone.  Drawing names out of a hat for a gift exchange or playing a Dirty Santa game can be just as fun, and it dramatically cuts down the cost. 

Also remember that it’s not always easy for some family members to travel.  If you have elderly parents or other relatives, consider offering to give them a ride instead of letting them drive.  This is especially important if it has been snowing or if the roads are icy.  One small slip can turn the perfect Christmas into a perfect disaster.  In some cases, you might even want to visit these relatives instead of taking them somewhere.  If they are in ill health or live in an assisted care facility, it might be better for a small number of relatives to take Christmas to them so they don’t get overwhelmed or have to get out in the cold.

Don’t forget the kids, either.  Have some activities for the younger members of the family.  You can set up a television with some Christmas-themed movies in a back bedroom, or you can bring out the board games.  If you have a good amount of snow, you might even suggest that the kids go outside and build a snowman or snow fort.  You might also suggest that parents bring an extra set of clothes for the kids because there’s always the chance that a sudden snowball fight will break out and leave them damp.

Above all, remember to have fun during the holidays and enjoy the time with your family.  Don’t get too caught up in what to buy, and don’t get stressed out.  If you stay relaxed, you’ll find that the perfect Christmas tends to create itself.

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