Oct 10

Reasons to Appreciate Your Boss

A lot of people think that their boss doesn’t do much for them, but that’s not true.  Bosses do a lot, but much of what they do isn’t immediately visible to everyone.  All we see is what they let us see—bosses spend a lot of time working out the little behind-the-scenes details that keep the office running and keep everyone happy.

In large companies, your immediate boss probably doesn’t run the whole business.  This means he or she reports to someone else, and that someone else may have a boss, too.  Projects, new equipment, raises, and even hiring or firing people are decided by people who may not even be in the same department.  Your boss and your department are usually competing with others areas of the company for resources.  Your boss is the one who works to make sure you get everything you need to do your job successfully.  That includes pitching the department budget and lobbying for raises.

Your boss may have helped you out before you were even hired.  Bosses have some say over how their department is structured, and they can re-evaluate open positions, add or remove responsibilities, and even work to increase the starting salary if you have enough experience and qualifications to warrant it.  Your boss can also recommend the creation of a new position if the department seems overworked.

If you find yourself really enjoying the time you spend at work, your boss had a hand in that.  As the leader of the office, the boss plays a large part in creating the atmosphere of the office.  A boss who is always micro-managing and spouting off negative things will create an unhappy office, but one who trusts his employees, praises them for good work, and encourages them will create a positive place workspace where people want to be.

These are just a few reasons why you should appreciate your boss.  Remember to show him or her how much you appreciate everything by sending Boss’s Day flowers in Kansas City, MO, on October 16.

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