Apr 23

Why Administrative Professionals Deserve a Week of Appreciation

This week is Administrative Professionals Week, and Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day.  Some people question why these professionals are given their own day, never mind a week.  If you’ve had an administrative professional, however, you know exactly how awesome they can be.  He or she has made unpleasant phone calls, turned the mess of a schedule into a perfectly timed masterpiece, and dealt with those annoying clients who come into your office angry.  There are many reasons why administrative professionals deserve this week of appreciation.

•    They keep your office running year-round.  Administrative professionals keep all of your records, answer the phones, take messages, schedule meetings, call tech support, make sure everyone has all the supplies they need, and much, much more.  If it needs doing, chances are your administrative professional does it or can learn to do it very quickly.

•    They keep up with new technology.  Administrative professionals have to know the latest updates, and they often train others on these new programs.  They also need to know a good number of different programs: scheduling, databases, spreadsheets, word processing, and more.

•    They keep your office’s information.  If you need to know something, your administrative professional has it, and if they don’t have it on hand, they know where to find it.

•    He or she is your personal gatekeeper.  Your schedule is often very full, and you may not be able to meet with every client personally.  Your administrative professional handles basic client needs and decides who is important enough to get a small slice of your personal time.  Without this, you would spend hours meeting with clients.

•    In small offices or departments, administrative professionals do budgeting and keep financial records.  They have to know basic accounting and be able to keep things sorted and organized.

•    They do thankless tasks.  No one likes to do some of the tasks that need to be done in an office.  Filing, checking documents for errors, and doing mass mailings can be boring, tedious tasks.  These are often tasks that fall to the administrative professional.  Next time you pass off one of these jobs to them, remember to show your appreciation.

•    Once again, they keep your office running.  When it comes right down to it, your administrative professionals makes certain your office doesn’t fall apart.  Without them, you would find yourself overwhelmed with the many day to day tasks necessary to keep everything going.  So remember to thank your administrative professional this week.  They work hard, and they deserve it!

Let us help you thank them!  Be sure to send flowers for Administrative Professionals Day in Kansas City, MO.

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