Jan 17

Little Things that Promote Big Smiles

What makes you smile?  There are probably several things that come to mind, and you’re probably smiling right now just thinking about them.  Smiling makes us happy, and it can help get you out of a bad depression and turn your day around.  Need to smile?  Here are some little things that might make you turn that frown upside down.

•    Eat your favorite meal or have one of your favorite tasty snacks.

•    Spend some time with your pet.  Playing fetch with your dog or making your cat chase a laser pointer is sure to make you smile.

•    Have a cup of coffee, your favorite tea, or a soda.

•    Watch your favorite guilty pleasure movie or TV show.

•    Work on one of your hobbies.

•    Go out to a movie.

•    Have dinner delivered instead of cooking.

•    Read a book by your favorite author.

These are all fairly little things, but they can put a big smile on your face.

Know what else is sure to make you smile?  Flowers!  Let us deliver a great bouquet of flowers to you in Kansas City, MO.

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