May 22

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants in Your Office

A lot of people have green plants in their offices.  But did you know that these plants are often there for more than just decoration?  There are many different reasons why you might want to have some green plants in your office.  Here are five of them.

1.    They show that you care about how your office looks.  This can help retain employees and customers.

2.    They lower your stress level.  A study actually showed that those with green plants in their office reported being about 12 percent less stressed than those without green plants.

3.    Plants perform a process called transpiration, which can cool the air around them by around ten degrees.  This can lower a building’s energy usage in the summer, saving the company money and helping the environment.

4.    Plants placed in certain areas, such as an indoor hedge, can help reduce the noise level.

5.    Green plants will help increase the humidity in the building, something that is often well below the recommended comfort level.

Do you need some plants in your office?  We have a number of green plants for delivery in Kansas City, MO.

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