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Top Ten Tips for Choosing a Great Gift Basket

Bear-y Happy Birthday

Bear-y Happy Birthday

While sending a beautiful flower arrangement is sometimes the perfect way of conveying your feelings, sometimes a gift basket is more appropriate or fits the recipient better than flowers.  Selecting a gift basket can be just as hard as selecting flowers, though.  Here are ten tips for choosing the perfect gift basket.

1.   Think about the occasion.  Some gift baskets are designed for specific events such as birthdays, a new baby, or for a specific holiday.

 2.  Think about the person’s gender and age.  For a man, a gift basket of food is probably going to go over better than a gift basket featuring a stuffed animal as its centerpiece. 

 3.  What does the person like?  If he or she has a major sweet tooth, a basket full of chocolates or candy is a great choice.  However, if he or she is more of a health nut, you may want to go with a fruit basket.

 4.  Does the person have a sense of humor?  There are some humorous gift baskets such as “over the hill” birthday baskets, but not everyone will appreciate these.  Be sure the person will see the humor in the basket before you send it.

 5.  Does the person have any sort of dietary restrictions?  Similar to thinking about what kinds of food they like, be sure to think about health issues.  A gift basket of chocolates would not be such a good idea for a diabetic; however, a basket of sugar-free treats would be excellent.

 6.  How religious is the person?  Some gift baskets, such as those designed for Easter, may have more of a spiritual flair than others.  Again, be sure what you’re sending fits in with the person’s beliefs.

 7.  What colors does the person like?  A bright pink spa basket full of fancy soaps, pink candles, and pink slippers may not be the ideal gift for a woman who hates the color pink.

 8.  Think about the season.  During the cold winter months, a gift basket that includes gardening tools and seeds probably isn’t the best choice.

 9.  What’s your relationship to the person?  If you’re purchasing a gift basket as a way of saying thank you to a business partner, you will probably want to stick to gourmet foods or snacks.

 10.  Finally, trust your instincts.  If you see a gift basket that you immediately think is perfect for someone, go with it.  Chances are, you’ll have hit on the right gift.

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