May 04

Things We Learn From Our Mothers

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this is the time of year that many of us start to think about our moms and what we’ve learned from them.  Few people impact our lives as much as our mothers do.  While each mother teaches her children her own lessons, there are a number of things that just about everyone learns from mom.

Honesty—No one seems to be able to catch us in a lie like our mothers.  They always seem to know when we’re bending the truth, whether it’s just a little white lie or a major whopper.  Learning honesty is very important, and moms make it a priority to teach this lesson to us.

Cleanliness—“Clean your room!”  How many of us heard this on a weekly basis?  Moms struggle hard to teach their children how to keep their rooms clean.  Failing to learn to clean up after ourselves can result in keeping a messy home later in life, and no one wants that.

Time management—How many times did you want to watch television or hang out with your friends instead of doing homework?  Moms teach us to prioritize, a skill that is invaluable later in life, especially at work.  While doing homework before playing isn’t fun, but it pays off later when you know to put that important business project ahead of going out.

Good judgment—Moms have, on occasion, told us that our friends are bad influences or that we shouldn’t make a certain decision.  While we often ignore them at the time (to our determent, usually), we later look back and see that they were correct.  Learning to correctly judge a situation can often be a lifesaver. 

Show your appreciation—If someone does you a favor, tell them thank you.  Showing appreciation for those who care for you and help you out not only makes you new friends but it also strengths the relationships you already have.  Of course, the first person you should show appreciation to is your mother for teaching you all of these life skills.  Send her flowers this Mother’s Day and randomly throughout the year to remind her that you love and appreciate all she’s done for you!

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