Oct 12

Showing Appreciation for Your Boss

Boss’ Day is celebrated on October 17th this year, and employees everywhere will show their bosses how much they appreciate everything bosses do during the year.  There are many different ways you can show your appreciation.  Here are just a few ideas.

Gift baskets.  You can usually find a great gift basket that fits anyone.  You can find baskets full of fruit, gourmet chocolates, cheeses, and snacks, just to name a few things.  Some gift baskets even have themes such as sports, spa day, or movies.

Lunch.  Take the boss out to his or her favorite restaurant for lunch on Boss’ Day.  The entire office can go in together and have a fun outing.  You can also order in or have dessert towards the end of the day.

Flowers or plants.  Flowers make a nice gift, although you may want to go with a green plant for male bosses.  However, be sure not to go with an arrangement meant for a romantic partner.  Your boss might get the wrong message from a dozen red roses!

Gourmet coffee.  If your boss loves to have his java in the morning, how about a select of gourmet coffees and a nice, new coffee mug?

Office accessories, if they’re nice.  No one likes cheap pencil holders, but you can get your boss something for his or her desk that is very nice.  Something like a gorgeous fountain pen or a fancy coaster to go with that coffee mug.  Just be careful and don’t get unnecessary items: your boss can go to the supply room and get more post-its, for example.

Items that match your boss’s personality.  This one is a bit tricky because it involves a more personal gift.  However, if you know your boss loves a particular movie or sport, for example, you can go with something related to that.


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