Mar 23

Why Sending Flowers to Celebrate is a Great Idea

People send flowers for many reasons: sympathy, to say thanks, and to show how much a person is loved.  Another great reason to send someone flowers is to celebrate.  Flowers can be a great way to celebrate a birthday, a promotion, a job well done, or just to celebrate being friends.  But why is sending flowers a great way of celebrating?  There are several reasons.

One reason is that flowers make people happy.  It has been shown that seeing and smelling fresh flowers have a positive effect on people’s emotions.  Sending someone flowers to celebrate does more than just show that you are celebrating their success with them—it has a lasting effect.  They will see the flowers for the next week or so and smile each time they do. 

Celebrating with flowers is also a good option when the recipient either has just about everything you can think to get them or doesn’t want a lot of clutter in their home.  Flowers are always appreciated, and after they have faded, they leave behind only the container they came in.  A person can keep this vase or other container to reuse, or they can pass it on to someone else (perhaps with some fresh flowers from their garden).  Either way, flower containers generally take up very little space.

Some people simply prefer to get flowers than other gifts.  This is sometimes especially true if they live in a small apartment or are elderly and live in an assisted living center.  Sometimes, these places seem rather tiny, dark, and maybe even a little depressing.  For the elderly in a care facility, this can be especially true.  Flowers are a great way of brightening up a place and bringing in a bit of fresh air and color.  Never underestimate how powerful a bright bouquet of flowers is.  As mentioned above, since flowers last a week or more, your gift will be appreciated for several days.

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