Jan 05

Why Plants are the Perfect Gift for Winter

Need a great gift idea for someone who has a birthday coming up this winter?  Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a gift for someone in the middle of the cold season, especially if they are an outdoor person.  However, one great gift idea for anyone this winter is a plant.

Why are plants the perfect gift for winter?  Well, the main reason is that plants remind us of spring and summer.  They are bright, cheery, and colorful in a time when, depending on your location, you may find yourself in short supply of all three.  If you look outside in the dead of winter, often you see brown, dead grass, piles of snow, sheets of ice, bare, brown trees…all in all, a colorless landscape that seems so dull and depressing.  Plants help remind us that life will return to our outside world in the spring.  Flowering plants and indoor flowers can especially bring color into our homes and our lives.

Plants bring their living energy into our homes, and during the dead of winter, this boost of energy can be very nice.  We often feel sluggish in the winter months.  Some attribute this to the cold, while others say it has to do with the lack of bright, cheery sunshine.  Whatever the reason, surrounding ourselves with living plants and flowers can help bring some energy back into our homes and help make us happier and more energetic during the cold.

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