Jul 31

When Sending Smaller Flower Bouquets Makes Sense

If you’re thinking of sending someone flowers, you may immediately think that you need to go with the biggest and fanciest arrangement your budget can cover.  But that’s not always true.  Sometimes, sending a smaller flower bouquet actually makes more sense.  This is especially true if you send the right flowers or send the bouquet at the right time.

Sending the right flowers is always important when sending an arrangement.  Suppose someone doesn’t like roses (some people don’t).  You’ll get a better response by sending a small arrangement of daisies than you would sending a dozen roses.  In fact, if you send the person a small bouquet of their favorite flowers, it shows you know them better.  This always makes a better impression than sending something traditional.

Sending flowers at the right time is also important.  Timing can make up for size, especially if the sentiment comes from the heart.  A small bouquet of her favorite flowers on her birthday or anniversary is a good example.  A small bouquet is also great for a “just because” gift where large arrangements may be a bit too much.

A small bouquet is also sometimes the more appropriate choice.  If you’re sending a thank you arrangement to a co-worker or a business acquaintance, a large bouquet is probably a bit much.  A smaller bouquet is more appropriate and will adequately say thank you or congratulations without being too much.  You don’t want to create an awkward situation by sending a large arrangement that might imply a bit more than you intended.  Other times, people don’t have a lot of room for flowers.  New mothers, for example, sometimes get so many gifts and bouquets that they just don’t have room for any more.

We have a number of different small flower arrangements in Kansas City, MO, that may be exactly perfect for your next flower-sending occasion.

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