Nov 17

The Wonder of Flowers

There are many wonderful things in this world, but one of the most wondrous (at least to those of us in the floral industry) is the flower.  The wonder of flowers can make even the worst of days seem tolerable.  Flowers can create a bright, cheery atmosphere in a dark room, add a great scent to your home, and make a dull backyard into an enchanted garden. 

How can flowers accomplish all of this?  No one is quite sure.  There have been studies done that show that our sense of scent is very powerful in triggering memories.  It could be that smelling flowers takes us back, consciously or subconsciously, to a time when we were incredibly happy.  It’s also possible that seeing bright flowers has something to do with it.  Who wouldn’t be cheered up upon seeing gorgeous flowers on their dining room table or desk?

Then there’s the memory of who sent you the flowers or of working in your garden.  When you receive flowers from someone, you’re likely to think of them each time you see the arrangement.  This only adds to how wondrous the flowers are.  If you grew the flowers yourself, you might think of working outdoors and of planting the flowers. 

The wonder of flowers is a mystery, but the fact that one small plant can do so many things is amazing.  Next time you see a flower, stop and wonder at everything it can do.

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