Jan 26

The Power of Flowers and Your Romantic Self

Teleflora's Ruby Nights BouquetEveryone knows that flowers have power.  The sight of a bright bouquet can cheer us up even on the gloomiest of days, while the scent of certain flowers can bring back happy memories from our childhood.  However, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the power of flowers shifts to the romantic. 

Harnessing the power of flowers to make your Valentine’s Day perfect doesn’t have to be difficult—most women, for example, will find a bouquet of a dozen red roses sufficiently romantic.  However, the traditional rose may not really show off your romantic self.  There’s not a lot of thought to put into roses, after all.  While you can’t go wrong with them, there may be a different arrangement out there that better says “I love you” to your significant other.

If you do want to go with roses, think about the color.  While different roses mean different things, you don’t always have to believe in these meanings.  Yellow roses may often mean friendship, but if your significant other loves the color yellow, he or she may appreciate them more than red roses.  A mixture of different colored roses can also break with tradition while still being incredibly romantic and showing off your creative side.  One idea would be to mix your favorite color with his/hers to create a bouquet that represents both of you.

Mixing roses with other flowers can create a different and visually stunning arrangement.  For example, surrounding red roses with purple larkspur, pink tulips, and some lavender orchids can highlight the roses and really make them stand out.  Lilies also look great when mixed with roses.

Of course, you might want to go with a completely different flower to express your romantic self.  If you know your significant other’s favorite flower (and you should!), a bouquet of these flowers may say much more than roses.  It would show that you know your partner’s likes and dislikes, which can go a long way in a relationship.  Tulips, orchids, lilies…any flower can be made into a great Valentine’s Day bouquet. 

You may want to add something to the bouquet as well.  Balloons, stuffed animals, or perhaps even a small box of chocolates can accompany your Valentine’s Day arrangement.  Just remember that the best way to express your romantic self is to truly be yourself and give flowers that have meaning to both you and your significant other.

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