Mar 13

The Flowers of Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this week, so many people are thinking about shamrocks and Irish stories.  If you’re lucky enough to get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, or if you get to visit the Emerald Isle soon, you’ll see a number of different flowers.  Here are just a few of the pretty flowers you may find on your visit.

The shamrock, of course, is native to Ireland and is the unofficial symbol of the country.  It’s similar to the clover, and it is said to bring good luck to those who wear one.

The sunny and cheerful daisy is found in Ireland and is one of the flowers the Irish most enjoy giving.  Daffodils and sunflowers are also popular among the Irish.

Lilies are also found in Ireland.

There are a number of different wildflowers found in Ireland.  They include the common dog violet, the fly orchid, the foxglove, and the primrose.

If you see one of the lords and ladies plants, which feature both male and female flowers on upright stalks, do not eat the berries.  They’re highly poisonous.

The Killarney Fern is an indigenous fern found in Ireland, but you may not see many of them.  They have been picked for decoration since the Victorian era, and they are now fairly rare.

Wall pennywort actually does grow near walls, between rocks, and in the woods of Ireland.  It can be up to 15 inches tall and has beautiful bell-shaped flowers on it.

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