Nov 03

Stop and Smell the Flowers Before the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is almost upon us!  In fact, some stores are already stocking Christmas decorations!  While it might seem a bit early for that, it isn’t too early to get caught up in the holiday rush.  Buying gifts, preparing to travel, wrapping up work projects for the year, and the actual hustle and bustle of holiday events can leave us all exhausted and without any time to ourselves.  Before the holiday rush starts in, take a little time to stop and smell the flowers.

There are several things you can do to prepare yourself for the holidays.  While the phrase “stop and smell the flowers” can be taken literally, it doesn’t always have to be.  Of course, ordering yourself a nice bouquet of flowers for your desk at work or for your kitchen table is certainly one way of bringing a little peace to your life before it gets chaotic.  Another way is to spend a little time outdoors at a local park or flower garden before it gets too cold.

Another way to prepare yourself for the holiday rush is to take a weekend for yourself.  Relax, read a good book, watch a movie, and generally try to forget your worries.  If that’s not really possible, plan an evening to yourself.  Order in some food, curl up on the sofa, and maybe even take a nice bubble bath. 

While relaxing is a great way of preparing for the holidays, some people may want to take a more active approach.  For these people, stopping and smelling the flowers means preparing.  Make a list of everything that you need to accomplish for the holidays.  Who do you need to shop for, what food will you need to cook, and so on.  Set deadlines and try to stick with them.  Doing this will alleviate a lot of the holiday stress, and that’s the main goal.

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