Jun 08

Send Roses to Someone This Month

Did you know that June is National Rose Month?  Not many people do, but it’s a great time to send roses to someone and to celebrate love!  But who, you might wonder, do you send roses to if you don’t currently have a significant other?  Well, there are actually several things you can do with roses this month, regardless of your dating status.

First of all, roses aren’t just for romantic love.  You can send roses to anyone!  Just do a little research into what different colored roses mean.  Send yellow roses, which mean friendship, to your friends or coworkers, or send roses of any color to your mom or grandmother.  If you have a teenage daughter, she might enjoy a bouquet of hot pink roses or purple roses.  You can even send roses to yourself if you’d like! 

Another way of brightening someone’s day this month is to send a bouquet of roses to a senior citizen’s home or a nursing home.  Ask that the arrangement be placed in a common area or dining area for all the residents to enjoy.  You’ll touch a number of people with this gesture. 

If you’re going to send roses to a friend or loved one, why not go to the florist and pick up the flowers yourself?  This way, you give the person a double gift: beautiful flowers and some time with you!  This is especially great if you’re sending roses to someone you haven’t seen in some time. 

You can send roses any time of the year to anyone, but why not take the time this month to give someone a little pick me up?  Say you love them or are simply thinking about them, but send roses to someone this month!

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