Feb 08

Rose Meanings

Many people will be sending their significant others roses this Valentine’s Day.  Most will go with red roses, the traditional color of love.  But what about all those other roses?  What do their colors mean?  Here is a handy guide to rose meanings.

  • Red means love, passion, and beauty, but it can also mean respect or courage.  Red roses are the most popular and the most traditional.  Sending someone red roses is one way of telling them that you’re in love.
  • Yellow roses, on the other hand, stand for friendship, joy, or happiness.  They say “I care about you, but I’m not romantically in love with you.”  Sending yellow roses to your spouse on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or birthday doesn’t really say love. 
  • Pink roses are perfect for thank you gifts since they convey appreciation, admiration, and grace, and thankfulness.  Pink roses are great for someone who has done you a favor or as a way of telling someone you are grateful they are in your life.
  • The white rose stands for innocence, charm, and purity.  This is one of the reasons why it’s often carried as part of the Bridal bouquet and used in wedding arrangements. 
  • Orange roses convey a sense of desire.  They do not mean love, so they’re more appropriate during the beginning of a relationship.  They may also mean admiration or enthusiasm. 
  • Purple or lavender roses aren’t sent as often as other roses.  This is because they mean love at first sight.  They’re a great rose to give on the second or third date to say that you want to move ahead in the relationship.  They’re also a nice alternative to the more traditional red rose.
  • You can, of course, mix roses of different colors together.  Some of these combinations have very specific meanings.  Red and white mixed roses stand for unity and make a great arrangement for an anniversary.  Mixing yellow and orange roses says you have passionate thoughts for the recipient.  Red and yellow is a colorful way of saying congratulations.
  • The number of roses you send has significance, too.  Most of us are familiar with the traditional dozen red roses.  This bouquet means romantic love, just like the red rose.
  • If you send two dozen roses, you’re saying that you love someone so much that the standard bouquet just isn’t enough.  “I’m yours forever” is what this is saying.
  • Another way of saying “I love you” in a simple, understated way is with a long stemmed rose.  Alone or in a vase with two or three others, the long stemmed rose conveys your love, your thanks, or, in the case of a bouquet, can mean that you will always remember the recipient. 
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